The Thing We Fear

…is not death. Not really. Millions face death every day and we find our peace with that, because death is not an end.

What we really fear is Becoming. We see it as a vast unknown, terrifying and empty of all that is familiar and grounding and safe. We sense a landscape but cannot see it. We long to cling to the objects and experiences that have feathered our nests and given us a kind of warmth, even if that nest has been polluted with the detritus of another’s ill intent and the corpses of memories that cause us pain.

We would rather hold onto pain than to step into a reality where we fear we will lose ourselves.

Some have misinterpreted this as a fear of success. Consider that what we fear is that if we let go of this illusion that we call existence for a very different type of existence, that we will dissolve and cease to be our essential selves.

This is the lie that is programmed into us so that we will only choose to evolve when we can face that fear, with full consciousness, and still say “YES”.

The lie is that we are separate and orphaned, any experience of Source a dim notion on the fringes of reality. It is the idea that our individuality is somehow a pollution of Its purity, and if we wish to return home we must relinquish who we are.

This is so very far from the truth. As far as a Universe is wide. We are intentional and right beings of light, living and experiencing and learning. We are doing exactly what we are meant to do.

The problem is that we are too good at our jobs. We are too good at living in this dimension, in this reality. Too good at making our nest, our reality bubble, our pocket universe. We are so good at it that we can come up with a billion different versions of it, each encased in a separate and individual mind, and all co-exist in truth and reality. The task now is to find our next step in the Journey.

Many say they are ready for it, and eagerly waiting for “ascension powers”. It is the letting go of that which we have made around ourselves, all of the objects and experiences and physical locations that each of us sees as “me”, that becomes more difficult with time. This is why children find it easier to be exceptional than a middle aged person. A child has not lived a lifetime of memories, nor collected a household full of objects to hold them. A life on the upward cycle of such beginnings has not learned to be static, or learned that it has limits. The landscape of our imagination will always be bounded by perceived limits.

Memory can become a prison. Precious things from our past that we hold onto for a variety of reasons are not in themselves bad, but they can become part of the trap. We don’t truly need those things anymore than we truly need those memories, because nothing is lost and nothing is forgotten. All that has ever been is Remembered in the energy that makes up all that there is.

That is not to say that all are called to adopt a loner, vagabond lifestyle. An artificial disconnection would not exempt one from the struggle to let go, and even in an empty existence something of grace will serve to hook one at the crucial moment of choice. Each must find their authentic path.

What is memory? We believe, thanks to the disinformation of our scientific-medical-industrial complex, that memory is something that only exists in our physical brains. It is widely believed that we must play all sorts of games to remember all sorts of information from the minor to the necessary to the sublime.

Consider that Memory is a function of Mind, and the physical brain a type of transportation hub carrying Mind from one strata to the next, to our bodies, and back out again. Some hubs are more efficient than others. Some hubs are better with words and others are better with pictures. There are hubs with 50 stations running simultaneously and others that hum along happily with just a few. And not one hub is “better” than the other. Simply different.

The accumulation of memory in the academic, old paradigm style becomes a giant construct that we have to carry. It reminds me of the scene in the movie, Labyrinth, where the heroine is “piled on” by a seemingly well-meaning being carrying their house on their backs until she begins to resemble them. Just in time, her awareness kicks in and she stops the process before it is too late.

In much the same way, we are given the opportunity to evaluate and let go of things that we do not need at many junctures over our lifetime. Everyone is given glimpses into the Source Record where everything that we will ever need to know is retained. I feel that is one of the rules of this Journey, but this is my intuition rather than direct knowledge.

Perhaps you have had moments contemplating what ascension might mean for you. What will existence be like should such a thing occur? Everyone has moments of doubt and misgivings, and that is part of the process, too. Through contemplation we receive the answers we need at each stage of the journey. It really is okay to trust the process.

What do any of these things mean for each of us? It truly is an unknown landscape and the clincher is that we don’t get to have a preview. We can only take the leap when we Believe we are ready to do so.

It gets easier each time we try.


Can Free Will Be Bypassed?

Many who are on the Path understand the basic law of this paradigmatic reality, i.e., the Law of Free Will. Within this law is a wide leeway and latitude for its employment, a latitude which, some might argue, has suffered extraordinary manipulation and subversion by certain oppositional forces who wish humanity ill.

The larger picture is that we, and our planet, have been used for many thousands of years as a farm for negative emotion. This energy is used as a food source by beings who have converted their spiritual matrix to a parasitic nature. These beings, though mighty, have made themselves into much lesser beings through this Choice. And while these beings are on their way out, we have adapted to a co-existence with them.

What it means for us is that we are caught in an elaborate web of diversion, subversion, trickery, and maladaptation of our free will complex in order to “willingly” provide ourselves as a food source for these beings. However, it would seem that they have broken the Prime Directive of free will and used our basic biological and sociological constructs against us, knowingly and maliciously created elaborate constructs to bypass our free will completely, employing loopholes to claim we made a free will choice to be enslaved.

We’re a communal species who are hard-wired for cooperation. This means that we possess a kind of substrate or functional operational ground that requires a complexity of interpersonal relationships in order to function as we are optimally intended. In order for a three-dimensional, physical being who may be only mildly psychic (intuition) to maintain complex interpersonal relationships with larger numbers of other 3D beings, we must have an immense capacity for trust. This capacity goes far beyond what beings in 4D and above experience because of our experience of the Veil.

Trust is not a bad thing – it is an immensely good thing! So please do not hear these statements as a condemnation of trust, or admonition to become more cynical. The opposite is what we need. Refusing to engage in anger or in fear are also extremely important.

These manipulators are using an imposed operating system that functions on the etheric plane and in some ways the astral as well, sometimes a combination of both. It is important to remember that this does not make us victims, but makes us open to certain vulnerabilities. Those who created these oppressive systems are playing a very long game to create slaves who could be exploited over several waves or aeons.

If it were simply a work exchange program where humanity was given the gift of potentiated ascension in exchange for a few generations worth of work, as this enslavement is sometimes billed, this would be within a bound of function which might be acceptable were there no other methods for achieving it. But this is not the case – we were being set up to serve as an entirely different form of slavery, one where our emotional energy would be manipulated into darkly negative conduits and farmed as food for negative, advanced beings.

This will sound outrageous to some, but less so perhaps than it might have 20 years ago. That is because our people have been undergoing preparation for a very public and very global disclosure of our true origins and the many non-terrestrial races that interact with us here. Hundreds of TV shows and movies have been popularized and spread to everyone within reach of the technology to watch them. The idea of the “alien among us” has been made commonplace for a reason. It is the rare human who is not prepared for such an event as global disclosure.

It has been argued that humanity has given tacit agreement to its exploitation by not consciously refusing same. I do not believe we can understand this term only in a 3D frame of thinking. While it is true that during the time of our pre-birth we as pure energetic beings can see what is going on, once we incarnate fully, that ability is more than a little dimmed because of the Veil between our physical and etheric bodies. Further, the indoctrination of children begins as soon as they are born, effectively preventing them from retaining their pre-birth awareness and apprehension of the game, establishing another kind of veil.

This game is made deliberately complex, far beyond the comprehension of 99.99% of the surface population. This complexity is multi-faceted, hiding its many moving components across multiple dimensions. Even to the fully matured mind of an experienced meditator, it can be difficult to grasp.

As noted above, humans are hard-wired to trust. In practical terms this means that we will trust our parents, peers, and community implicitly, because our brains are structured to ensure this. It has been the oft-asserted lie that we are by nature competitive rather than cooperative because such a lie serves the ends of those power elites who run the world systems on behalf of the beings who use us as a food source. By indoctrinating us with the competition meme, they ensure that we trust the rulers more than we trust each other.

This is the pivotal point where our free will is in effect over-ridden by the ones who claim to be utilizing a loophole in the law and that we are “choosing” our own oppression. A choice between oppression/slavery and death is not a choice. No one can consent to their own torture.

The ability to discern and choose has been hampered at a very young age for all of us, but the consequences vary for women and men. Since that programming has built into it both cloaking mechanisms and diversionary fields, it has been very difficult for the average person to breakthrough the barrier to understanding.

There have been profound changes in our planet’s energy fields over the last several years, and this difficulty is easing tremendously. I will write more about this in an upcoming blog, but the link above will give you some background.

It is truly through the diligent and committed work of clearing our field and of meditation that we learn how to hear the voice of our Higher Self, without censure or filter. Learning to spot and disable the filters and programs inserted into our individual and collective matrix is part of the important effort to free ourselves, individually and collectively, from these “control” systems.

These are the hard truths – each of us must choose to exit the systems on our own. We must individually choose to no longer be exploited, or to do the exploiting. We must refuse to participate in the systems that profit on exploitation. We must refuse to accept the fear that pressures us into compliance. The stakes are very high, and the battle the most worthy one of all.


Economic Collapse is Neither Necessary Nor Inevitable

It is one of the many tricks played on us that the only way an economy behaves is via boom and bust modalities. Exuberant success or abysmal failure. We have been conditioned to see things in binary, that all solutions are oriented to either/or and there are no alternative perspectives that hold validity or effectiveness. This is simply not true, and even the most hypnotized can comprehend the myriad of examples proving same.

Pause for a moment and observe within the past those times when anxiety or fear has obliterated all options save for two. This fear programming is part of the larger menu of control mechanisms by which we are herded into a psychic abattoir. We call these fear mechanisms a “self fulfilling prophecy” but it is much more than this. Indeed, calling it “self-fulfilling” puts all of the burden of the fear and its results on the one being manipulated, rather than accounting for the ones doing the manipulation.

While it is true that there are self-fulfilling mechanisms, look closer at the words. “Self fulfill”, as in, self-oriented, as in, making others invisible. Such a mechanism is contrary to the energetic by which we grow spiritually, to wit, service to others, or cooperation with others. It subverts our free will into a victim orientation, implying that our own ability to manifest is somehow primarily employed in our own degradation, and that such an operation is inevitable because we are too sheep-like to do otherwise.

By keeping us focused on the ideology of collapse, which is what the money system of the cabal is actually predicated upon, it diverts our innovative energies away from all the things that we could be doing to safely and effectively transition from a diseased, exploitative system to a wholistic and beneficial commerce construct. It is the fallacy that the only way we can move from one to another is to destroy ourselves. See the fear mechanism for what it is – a method of keeping you from doing anything other than following the herd to the slaughter.

To transition away from what is harming us only requires opening the mental energies away from the fear. This means replacing the harmful thoughtforms with positive ones. As more and more people do this, solutions will bubble up that we hadn’t considered before. You will understand that barter has been demonized as a method of commerce (though it has been a more effective method of interacting in the conduit of “commerce”) and then presented as the only alternative to capitalism. Why do we need either system?

Remember that when you feel the urge to ridicule blindly, without thought, this is evidence of interference in your perceptual mechanism. There will be many inventive solutions and these should be employed immediately to ease the challenges of transition away from the harmful systems we currently use.

Much of what those with money consider necessities are not really necessary at all. Consumerism is a disease and everyone is affected by it in some way, even the most enlightened among us. The only true “collapse” will be an end of the system of consumerism which was created as a population control mechanism during the era of the Robber Barons, which means longer than anyone has been alive today. Because of this, we have become accustomed to accepting it as our status quo without question. While many have pushed back against it, often it remains within an ideology that all of these things are needed to have a rich human experience. The disease of hoarding is one of the ways that we can observe how consumerism and “thing needing” corrupt our psyche, but you can see it as well among those who will budget for expensive tech rather than bothering to think about the dozens of people they could feed if they contributed to a food bank instead.

But this is a 3D explanation. Each must consistently work to put forth their needs to the universe in order to see them manifest. The clearer we remain, the better the manifestation.

The more people who begin opening their minds to the abandonment of the false construct of money, the sooner we will be liberated from it. Persons not hypnotized by the system are needed to move us away from it. The hope is that you will join our growing numbers.


Tug of War and the Reservoir of Working Knowledge

Throughout a 3D existence there will be many opportunities to experience polarity and seemingly unresolveable tensions. These tensions will be most often experienced in arguments between two seemingly opposing points of view. As any who experience dimensions of awareness, however momentarily, that include dimensions beyond a polarity know, there is always a third point of view that could immediately resolve the conflict. We sometimes call it “compromise” but this word comes with difficult baggage, usually in the form of one or both sides becoming obligated to both hold their intransigent stance while sacrificing something they do not wish to sacrifice. This is the essence of the word “compromise” in our modern lexicon which values power above all other attributes.

In other dimensions or densities, these polarities cease to exist altogether.

In reality, the easiest way to end a tug of war is not to “compromise” or to win it. The easiest and most effective way to end a game of tug of war is to cut the rope. What this means in practical terms is not what one might immediately conclude, namely that the key is mutual destruction or obliteration of warring factions by a third party. In fact quite the opposite. If you cut the rope, everyone falls on their backsides and all observing has a good laugh. Why? Because the game of tug of war is absurd and engaging in it is a waste of time and energy.

Providing this visual image as a sort of ending of dangerous hostilities by a comedic gesture – also offers a key to seeing our paradigm from another dimension. By doing so, your mind has been opened to a possibility that you had not previously considered. It should be clear that I am not endorsing the creation of comedic scenarios and “punking”. I leave it to you to ascertain the true scope and dimensions of what this analogy means as an exercise in creative thinking.

This example will itself become an example of a higher order of thinking. Consider that non-terran races have a very different understanding of the possibilities of human experience and human resolution of experience than we do largely because their interface with existence is itself limited by a much smaller range of experience, what I am calling here the Reservoir of Working Knowledge. Working knowledge is a principle that, at a lower level, we sometimes refer to as an individual’s tool kit, a phrase that is often employed in corporate-speak.

In that frame, a “tool kit” is the combination of personal skills and tools available in an individual’s role at a company. For lower level employees the tools will be considerably smaller than the executive level, and so on, but combined with their personal skills the working knowledge increases or diminishes depending upon those skills. This tool kit becomes their operating reality at the company, and encompasses both their options and their capacity to employ them. It is important to understand that “tool kit” is a misnomer as the experience covers more than simply tools themselves.

In another scenario, the scope – depth, breadth, height…think dimensionality…more than 3D – of your working knowledge could be described as having a small or robust menu of choices. “Menu” here is a pun. It can apply to a restaurant or a software program. The restaurant application should be obvious. But if one uses the term as a software metaphor, the meaning greatly expands. Consider the difference between the rather small menu of the program called Paint, and the robust menu of options available in Adobe Photoshop. While both are image manipulation programs, Paint is comically limited in comparison to Photoshop. There are options so vast in Photoshop that it is unlikely an individual will employ them all, nor master or fully grasp the entirety of their usage unless that individual themselves created the software. Even then, a user might find new ways to employ the options that the creator never thought of, which can in practice transcend the program knowledge of the person who wrote the program.

This exponential understanding of the Reservoir of Working Knowledge can begin to provide a glimpse into the truly remarkable nature of Terran ingenuity and innovation, and why it is so highly coveted. Solutions to seemingly intractable scenarios like the one I provided above is one example of innovative thinking. We call it “out of the box” for a reason. A true “box” has 6 sides and no door or lid, so how to we leave it? How is it that we are capable of thinking “outside of the box” when it encompasses what seems to be the entirety of reality? It requires fourth dimensional thinking. This is not what makes us unique as all beings on an ascendant path achieve this thinking. I am simply pointing out the deeper meaning of the metaphor.

The depth/height/breadth of human capacity is more than what it appears, because there are quantum folds within it that are not readily apparent. One can think of the brain as a metaphor for this expression, but should always keep in mind (pun) that the map is not the territory. Many years ago after sharing a physically expressed energetic experience with a room of fellow travellers, done without words, I spoke a simple truth: “I am not my body. You are my body.” These words reflected the reality that Mind is greater than the boundaries of the physical container, and that Mind itself contains the physical container. As we continue to explore what this concept means for us personally, we grow our perception of Mind into new dimensions that more properly align with its reality. This growth will, as a side effect, contain the kernel that allows us to employ our past skill sets into new dimensions of experience, enfolding the old within the ever-growing capacity of the new. This is the birth of innovation, its activating leading edge, the inception of invention and revolution. Study this well, for in incorporation embodiment of this capacity lies the solution to breaking all prisons.


Receiving and Walls

In our modern world, we are pushed every day to achieve and “go somewhere”. Indeed, we’re not fulfilling our role in society unless we are breathlessly busy every waking minute! The pressure to achieve is so great that we are not given even a moment of time to ask why this pressure exists, or what “achieve” actually means. And this pressure is growing because of economic factors that make it increasingly difficult to provide the basic necessities for ourselves. For those who do not struggle with providing the basics, there is the added pressure of performing as a technological being, to purchase the latest and greatest gadget and be up-to-date on the most recent advances in a technological paradigm.

If one were to ponder this, one might begin to think that this is deliberate. That there is some power at work behind the scenes striving to keep humans from Knowing who we really are. It is an interesting contemplation to consider, perhaps even an important one. Filling our lives with busy-ness and noise serves to keep us disconnected from ourselves, from each other and nature, filled with distractions and negative energy. Such an environment creates many impediments to Receiving.

What is Receiving? This is not simply the act of holding out your hands and letting another place something in them, but it is important to remember that happy feeling you had when this occurred in your childhood. Remember the smile that would transform you and shoot little sparks of joy through your small body. Remember the way it made you want to laugh and dance when somebody handed you a small present. At the time, it was not about the gathering of things or greed or hoarding. It was not about the consumption of useless junk. Such moments were the experience of joy one feels when one is loved, and the outward expression of it that is not in the thing given, but in the Giver and the one Receiving.

As we get older, we are told that nobody is going to give us things unless it is through an obligatory construct, such as expected birthdays and holidays. It is because these things have become obligatory that we sometimes avoid people on birthdays and holidays. We don’t want anyone to oblige us into gifting! That would be terrible. Our responsibilities and demands are already stressful, and adding to them would make our heads explode! At least, this is what we believe, because we experience the feeling of overwhelm and stress on a daily basis so long as we abide within the dark matrix.

To cope with such stress, we learn to build Walls. In our childhood, it is through exclusion and prejudice. We are trained to feel bias toward from certain people, and the patterns are input into our programs, where they become fundamental to our being. As we get older, and our natural aversion to status quo as pre-teens kicks in, these programs can lead to bullying and great harm. Sexism, racism, classism become the realities we face daily. Here the promise of harmful programs begins to bear deadly fruit, and humans begin to show the warping that toxic social structures intend. It seems impossible to uproot this evil fruit.

In order to maintain these unnatural and toxic patterns, more walls have to be built. Just as the natural forest cannot be contained into a proper English garden without careful planning, tending, and construction, so is the healthy human consciousness. We are beautifully wired for a deeply cooperative and empathetic society where there would be no conflict or wars, should we be allowed to develop naturally. Without toxic intervention, we are so much more than aggression, terror, and avarice. The bad programming is so insidious that once immersed within it, one believes that his/her basic nature contains these terrible things. How clever this long game has been to convince us that we are bad.

When good people believe at their root that they are actually bad, and must follow harsh laws in order to mitigate their innate evil, they become very easy to manipulate and control. The key to understanding what is “bad” is very simple: do our intentions and actions negatively impact others? This is all we need consider to break the cycle, and why maintaining a Wall that prevents you from conscious responsibility is important in controlling you.

Because these walls are unnatural to us, and so disruptive to the way we are naturally configured, we have to build more walls to cope with them. Slowly, over time, it becomes more difficult to function according to our true natures. For those who have experienced greater levels of abuse in this system, it is difficult to experience a moment of joy in true gifting. One may find that the energy body has shifted and receiving can feel very foreign. Even the flow of energy changes from flow to a kind of pre-emptive aggression, pushing our energy outside of ourselves in yet another type of Wall.

Imagine a scenario where you are outside on a beautiful twilight evening. It is warm and pleasant with a cool breeze. The lawn you sit upon is green and fragrant with recent cutting. You are alone where you sit in a beautiful park surrounded by hundreds of people who are similarly enjoying the evening. All of you are there to hear a magnificent symphony played by a world renowned orchestra. The event is free, and refreshments have been provided to everyone. Every face around you is smiling, or engaged in conversation with friends, or rapturously soaking in the beautiful music.

What are you feeling? Are you happy? Are you fluctuating between moments of happiness punctuated by moments of worrying about this or that thing that you believe requires your attention? Are you distressed because you are there without friends? Are you checking your cell phone for text messages? Did you bring a book so that you wouldn’t be embarrassed by your solitude in a crowd? Do you close your eyes in meditation so that people will think you are someone who is above all of this and won’t judge you for being alone?

I think that we have all been there at some point, hitting one or more of our Walls. And this is okay. It’s human. The exercise is intended, not as a life lesson, but as an opportunity.

One can shift this energy by Remembering how to Receive. By consciously opened up the energy body and allowing the riches of the moment to flow into us, leaving the notions of what we do or don’t deserve behind, we can dissolve those Walls.

There can be a poverty that comes from being extraordinarily gifted souls who are forced into a deeply toxic paradigm where we are told we must be closed off from others and our environment. Learning what gives us the ability to release those walls is an important endeavor toward regaining our sense of Wholeness.

In the example, it is more than listening to the beautiful music, or smelling the grass, or drinking a beverage. It is the practice of allowing the entire experience to penetrate and fill you with its energy, taking down the barriers between you and your experience of being human. In such an exercise, we are breaking the laws imposed on us to remain aloof, selfish, and disconnected from those around you.

To Receive means that we have to Feel. It means we have to do the most dangerous thing of all – to become larger than we think we are capable of Becoming. You that you are greater and more important than you know, because you are a necessary component of the Greater Consciousness. This isn’t something that you have to work toward or strive to achieve – it is already a component of our Truth. But when we live such a small existence inside of tightly controlled walls, it seems impossible. To experience a Larger Life and Receive the immensity of it, we must find great strength within ourselves.

This strength is something that we must learn over time, and via a longer journey, whereby we realize that it is something we also already possess. The lessons can be very difficult during this process of Discovering, but they are ultimately worth it. Just as we must work to enlarge a muscle, so we must work to become more and more comfortable with Opening to Receive. You can find Moments throughout your day to practice this, be it a nice scenario like the one I described, or a less pleasant one such as a public transit train station or a boring office meeting. These are very valid places to learn how to be Open to the world around you, and to begin to recognize that you are part of something Greater.

Remember the joy of receiving you experienced in childhood, and allow that joy to suffuse your practice. Those moments of joy are part of your toolkit for life, and deserve to be employed as often as possible. Use them in joy and peace.



Ponder these questions…

What do you feel?

What do you see?

When you walk on the beach at night
And the moon is shining on the water
Filling your heart with yearning

            That is me.

When you’re driving down the road
And notice something strange
Something out of place that you don’t understand
Causing a break, a moment of doubt
In your mind

            That is me.

When you go about your normal life
Walking the same steps you’ve always known
And find a moment of clarity, when
A deep awareness and presence
Surprises you
Into a fuller self

            That is me.

If my words
Cause you fear or discomfort
Take that pain to your breast
Like a small lost child
And let love dissolve you,
Gently pulling away the veil of your misgivings

            That is me.