The Still Point

Many speak of a coming event or happening,
A shift of ages or shift of consciousness
This is not new or news
Simply because of its freshness to your mind
To see or understand or apprehend and comprehend
(or all together, ensemble of Mind Made More)
is insufficient without a full and complete
occupation of that still point
where perfect ego and perfect ego abandonment
a nirvana of an emptiness that is so full it can take a lifetime
to grasp
this still point which is neither still or a point
it is where all of the churn of the simulation
can be observed by the Witness that is you
think Neo in the hallway
except you are Neo and the hallway and the bullets and the agents
without the synesthesia or disassociation
it doesn’t require you to bilocate
or become connected to all things via intellectual USB ports
you are the still point because you can now perceive
all of it
you will perceive the chaos in the minds of others
and it will feel like lies
since the words they make are not in harmony
with hearts or thoughts

today I experienced this in a very personal way
which required that I ask people to repeat what they said
multiple times
I could understand the language, but not the chaos
behind their words
the spoken words and the non spoken vibrations
are equally perceived
this is part of what it means to be psychic

I witnessed a not-people shut down and go into
buffering mode
when I spoke words that disagreed with their programming
eyelids fluttered and face slack
Disconcerting it was

I speak to my cells and I see the non-physical beings
that parasite from us
I see too much now for me to ever accept
the simulation as home
but I’m nearing the end of my rebellious phase
a few thousand cycles or so is all it took
and I can play the game without resentment
even in exhaustion
that too will fade like all illusions

It seems my energy is in demand more so now
I am no longer fooled by this, it is not “divine timing”
Just my increasing strength and increasing clarity
The light gets brighter and here come the moths

More to come…



Ponder these questions…

What do you feel?

What do you see?

When you walk on the beach at night
And the moon is shining on the water
Filling your heart with yearning

            That is me.

When you’re driving down the road
And notice something strange
Something out of place that you don’t understand
Causing a break, a moment of doubt
In your mind

            That is me.

When you go about your normal life
Walking the same steps you’ve always known
And find a moment of clarity, when
A deep awareness and presence
Surprises you
Into a fuller self

            That is me.

If my words
Cause you fear or discomfort
Take that pain to your breast
Like a small lost child
And let love dissolve you,
Gently pulling away the veil of your misgivings

            That is me.