Source-ery, or Messing About with the Coding

In 2015 while living in Chicago, I shared some beautiful meditation time with a lovely young woman who was new to such practices. We sat on the shore of Lake Michigan on beautiful summer evenings, exploring our inner spaces and listening to the way our energies impacted the field.

On a whim, I suggested we try sending an energetic code into the water, because I had a Gnosis that in so doing we would be effecting something in all water globally. We were both distressed at the expanding nature of male violence in, it seems, everywhere, and without going too much into what that means (or our understanding that not all the violence is perpetrated by humans), it seemed a good idea to try out this new inspiration.

I’m not going to go into detail of how I did this, or coached my friend, but the results were immediate. We were engulfed with a beautiful sense of well-being, harmony and peace. The air was sweet, in spite of Lake Michigan’s notorious odeur (she was  named “lake of stinking water” for a reason). I opened my eyes to see if my friend was still in closed-eyes solitary space and she was beaming. Across from where we sat were a group of several young men, all sitting together. She told me that she had watched as, one by one, these men just sort of wandered into our field and started getting cozy with each other, not in a sexual way, but just as if all of that nonsense about males being dominating, competitive and finding the company of other men to be “gay” didn’t exist. There was the literal manifestation of our source coding in front of us. We were quite happy with our little experiment.

A few weeks later I left Chicago for other destinations, and have not returned. I am saddened to say that the following year, 2016, was one of the most violent in that city in 100 years with skyrocketing murder rates, or such is what is reported. But who is to say what is the truth? It could be that this occurred as a result of certain agencies reprogramming and undoing what we accomplished, or it could simply be a lie to prevent the truth from being known.

But all will out in the end. Or just before the end.



This is an introduction to a larger sharing that I intend to complete soon.

In 2006, I asked a Sufi teacher to take me on as a student. It wasn’t that I felt a strong desire to be anyone’s student, as the man I called Guru had crossed over in 1998 and, for me, a Teacher wasn’t of central importance in my life any longer. Yet, here I was, asking this man to be my teacher. Hmm.

He agreed, and suggested we meet the next time he visited my home town. At that meeting, and upon the completion of the vow a Sufi teacher makes to a student, he gave me what was to be my Sufi name.

“Your name is Ma’at,” he said. Completely stunned at this turn of events, I queried why I was not being given an Arabic name, which was what occurred every other time anybody was given a Sufi name.

His reply was stunning in its brevity. “When I was on the plane here, I was told that your name is Ma’at.”

Something in my threw up a giant wall, and I shut down. Later while running errands, I experienced a full lineage connection with his teacher, Pir Vilayat, a man whom I had met many years before while he was still in this realm. These events were disconcerting for me, because I felt that my inclusion in that lineage was wrong, and the name was wrongity wrong wrong.

Fast forward to 2015. I began to emerge from 7 years of sheer hell, living inside of more nightmares than I can recount, torture and illness. I do not think it was because I “refused destiny” so much as traveling into the nightmares was part of my job. Because it was only while inside the nightmares that my name began to make sense.

There are more than one of us, of course, we upholders of Truth and Cosmic Justice. It is more than simply a great B.S. meter. Much more.

We are here to see Through. To see through you, the systems, the veils, the garbage, the pain, the nightmares. We are here to judge, not with the negativity falsely applied to this word, but with and in Truth. Lies, to us, are like dissonant screams, nails on chalkboards, grinding teeth. We are necessary, and this is our time, now, at the end. We are the closing act. Or perhaps just the stagehands who bring up the lights when everyone is still greedily calling for encores. Maybe we are the ones telling you to go Home.


Is it Reel or is it Memorex? Memory vs. Gnosis

Memory, from Etymonline:

  1. The ability of a system to record information about things or events with the facility of recalling them later at will.
  2. A record of a thing or an event stored and available for later use by the organism.
  3. The time within which past events can be or are remembered.

Note words like “system”, “record”, “time”, and phrases like “record information”. This is programming language/spell-casting.

Addendum: After completing this post, I realized that I didn’t provide sufficient background for the premise that what we call memory is a technology. Here is additional information in support of this. The word “memory” comes from an ancient Greek word mnemon. As we know, many of the program technologies (including the word I just used) come from concepts (another Greek word) designed in the era of the “Great Philosophers” such as Hippocrates, Aristotle, Socrates, etc. When we hear that a word “comes from the Greek” it should be a signal to pay attention to what’s happening in the background, as well as to listen deeper to what is being said. Mnemon  even has its very own Titan from Greek mythology, a clear indication that this is a technology.

From Wyzant, an explanation of the origins of Mnemonics, a word that comes from Greek mythology and is part of the same root as mnemon. The author explains, “Mnemonic shares an etymology with Mnemosyne, the Greek titan that represented memory. Mnemosyne was the daughter of Gaia (Mother Earth) and Uranus (god of the Sky). Mnemosyne was the mother of the nine muses (all of whom were fathered by Zeus). They slept together for nine nights, each night yielding another muse. Mnemosyne also ruled over a pool in Hades, connected to the river Lethe. The dead would drink from the river Lethe so that they would not remember a previous life once they were reincarnated; however, initiates were encouraged to drink from Mnemosyne’s pool when they died, instead of drinking from Lethe.”

In the same article, mnemonics is explained as follows. “Mnemonics, plural of mnemonic is the study of techniques for ways to remember information more easily. Most often times, a mnemonic device involves taking the first letter of several words one desires to remember, and then changing them into an easily remembered word. For example, HOMES describes the names of the Great Lakes – Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior.

Mnemonic comes from Greek mnemonikos, which means “pertaining to memory,” which is also from mnemon, which means “remembering or mindful” and from memne, which means “memory, record, or epitaph.” This word is based on mnasthai, “to remember,” which comes from men-, which means “to think.””

The article goes on to explain how to employ memory technology to make memory more efficient. Article Source:

It is the premise of this article that the technology we call memory is a diversion of energy away from gnosis, which is our true state of connected Being to the All that we are, the All that is you, the All that is me.

One of the many things that seem to keep the individuals of the collective community engaged in endless round robins of obsessive contemplation is the notion of lost memory. Memories are stolen, or the ability to remember is blocked, and so on. “We are a species with amnesia” is an oft-repeated meme. The purpose of this piece is to explore what is memory and what is truth, and what we use to access both.

It is an exercise with great benefits to contemplate the purpose of those things which are repeated, not simply within media for those matters are only the bread and circuses of our experience in linearity. Rather, those ideas which are inserted and re-inserted again and again through the ritualization of expression that we call repetition. To understand that repetition is used as a programming tool can lead to many insights regarding personal and collective experience.

This is not to say that there has not been the deliberate and intentional hijacking of our connection to the truth in order to keep us enslaved within a realm designed to perpetuate ignorance and suffering. What I am describing here is the way through which we can reclaim what is ours by sovereign right versus the trap into which we are encouraged through programming to divert our energies. Keep in mind how we are simultaneously taught that memory is of paramount importance while being warned it is faulty and not to be trusted. Such conflicts are hallmarks of programs because they keep you spinning in an endless unresolved and unresolveable loop distracting you from contemplating what might actually free you.

Ponder within your own mind what sorts of actions are repeated, for it is more than verbalization and more than the habitual activities of daily existence such as brushing our teeth or making up our beds. Our lives are replete with repetitious phrases and constructs, redundancies layered upon redundancies that serve multiple agendas. All are part of a greater w(H)ole to fix your consciousness within a construct which the programmers created, and remain the owner/operator thereof no matter how many times you hear repeated the idea that there is an “alliance” working behind the scenes to wrest control from the oppressors/designers. To re-peat a thing is to force it into consciousness—mind made manifest. It is the key component of indoctrination because it is hypnosis and hypnosis is the way you are programmed. Watch people watching teevee sometime but with eyes attuned to the energetic dynamics and you will inner-stand this on a level not before available to you.

Without repetition the sacred core of Attention is free to explore the totality of consciousness without fetters, so the ritualizations have to be enforced through careful and long-term cultural manipulation. Let’s explore one small example that is likely common to all.

Think back to your childhood. As earlier as you can likely re-member, you were told over and over again to pick something up or put something “away”. You were asked to “remember where you put it” or grilled by a frustrated older sibling or parent about where you “misplaced” some thing that he or she was looking for. The constant and consistent reinforcement of the importance of things is a cornerstone of culture, not simply “tool use” as the anthropologist academics call it but the fixation upon manipulation of this realm through proxy. If you inner-stand the reasons for fixation this will resonate. Such actions and in-struction (the forced internalization of structure) would have been repeated so frequently that your small body screamed in frustration until you erupted in actual tantrums and screaming.

In western culture, the supremacy of things is unquestioned because to transfer sacred attention away from your core is the only way they can keep you sufficiently distracted and thus ineffective. We have ritualized “order” in our lives and homes through obeisance to their supposed pride of place. We spend great resources on special furniture to hold them—shrines to protect them from dust or fingerprints or breakage. Industries were created to provide “organization” to entire rooms dedicated to holding them called closets. Yet without that early indoctrination about the proper order of “things” we would never accept the constructs associated with their enshrinement.

I’m not advocating for everyone to suddenly become a clutter fuss and leave detritus strewn about your dwelling, work place or common areas. The spur for opposite reaction to any statement is itself another program artifact many now call the false binary. The middle way is ever the correct one—one can maintain the basic minimum of “things” and keep them in good working condition without engaging the indoctrination program. One can be both in the false artificial realm yet not of the false artificial realm by engaging Awareness and Attention.

It is through this Awareness and Attention that one can break the many technologies layered upon us, including the memory technology to which I am alluding in this article. The technology is employed for one purpose—to divert your Awareness and Attention away from Gnosis.

Here I am using “gnosis” instead of “knowing” because of the spellcasting present in the latter. The sounds of “know” and “no” are identical and thus null each other out when used unconsciously. So long as you are aware and engaging Awareness when you use the word “know” in conversation, you can break the nullifying effect, but only a tiny number can claim to be in perfect Awareness at all times (I am not one of them, and likely neither are you since you are reading this—someone in perfect Gnosis doesn’t need to read, ergo, etc.).

Clarifying these concepts is not intended to nudge you into self-judgment, which is just another waste of your energy. If you feel the diversion of self-judgment, that is an opportunity to re-direct your Attention back to gnosis. Think of Attention in the manner that is described in Castenada’s work—whether he was fabricating an elaborate ruse or not is unimportant as the concepts are sound and useful. Attention is the center of being, not passive or still as we are instructed in certain models, but an active and powerful force. If you are a Being, then the Attention is the action of Being.

When you are in Attention, memory is unnecessary and a burden. One can begin to See the functionality of memory as a diversion technology where the vital energies are siphoned away from the core of being into a machine that uses them to create more of itself through specializations. Here I am not speaking of the mind swipe that we collectively understand to be another of the invasive technologies, but the energy cultivated to ensure one remains obsessive over “memories”. This not only applies to the repeated memes in the New Age/Ascension Matrix circles, but to the secular and religious worlds equally. Specializations are a key component of the memory technology and when one chooses to “study” one specialization, it is in effect a capitulation to enticement, such as special knowledge (which is the inducement to power), societal position (prestige), or higher pay (elites aren’t “paid” so much as they simply own everything and do as they like with it).

These specializations are the wide variety of “industries” that are the foundation of what we refer to as Western Society. Every “degree program” is another facet of these specializations, and every time we demand a child to choose “what they want to be when they grow up” we are pressuring them into one of these specializations. To choose a “field of study” is to engage a contract that will siphon away much of your energies over the course of one’s incarnation.

These technologies can’t exist unless they are used, because they are all based on regular feeding of our core energies to machines created to harvest them. This is why we are referred to as “farmed” and why we are told that we must “consent” (the con was sent) to our state therein. But these obfuscate what is really going on and bypass Attention, throwing us into victim status. Babies are not born stupid and blind but are made so by parents and allo-parents (aunts, grandparents, etc.) who were indoctrinated and trained to be stupid and blind, and so on. In the oldest traditions, it is known that children are born wise (“you are ancient and you are wise” is an old birth greeting).

Comprehending your complicity in this system (a word that comes from the Latin for sewer) is part of your path to freedom and the freedom of everyone. The longer we spend in our manufactured anger over “being tricked” the longer we stay in the cage that is no-cage.

Aware and intent Attention is the key.

Consider the spellcasting of the word “real”. In English, this word is pronounced as “reel” which carries connotations of being on a hook and “reeled” in to a predator who has full control over you. In Spanish and Latin, the word “real” is pronounced “rey-al” and means “royal”. In English, we pronounce the word “royal” as “roil”, which means to cause tumult. A fragment of the true meaning of re-al is retained in our pronunciation of reality where the syllables retain integrity. This inner-standing I share with you was part of my own gnosis through my personal work of Attention combined with coalescing work of reason.

Another component of the memory technology is the reason/rational sub-program. To “ration” is to separate, while to “reason” is to coalesce or bring together. Both are unnecessary when you abandon the memory technology and re-al-ize (royal eyes) that you have always had access to full Gnosis.

Intuition is another component of the memory technology because it presents a false alternative. False alternatives are extremely important to the manipulators because they present friction to the duped, and friction gives you the false sense that you are struggling or working against something. Without that sensation, you would never agree to participate in any of the programs. This is why false binaries such as opposing political parties, sports teams and wars are so successful and participated in by so many.

Intuition is not the same thing as gnosis, but a blind faith reaching outward from your core. Right-action or right-thinking are part of Attention and Gnosis, and they occur inside you rather than outside. Intuition is the construct designed to encourage you to listen outside of your Gnosis by asking for “help” and waiting for a response. You have never needed help and you have never really been blind. You have beLIEved these things about yourself because you were indoctrinated into them before you could walk.

I recall vividly my first attempts at “intuition”. I couldn’t understand what in the world people were telling me to do, for I had from an early age been in Gnosis. It was the New c/Age entrainment on this topic (a thing that you can always spot by the insistence of its “veracity” and the claims to authority of this or that guru or “enlightened leader”) which led to my doubting my gnosis and encouraged me to try and “have intuition”. This was because all of these persons who I viewed as more skilled, talented and aware than me (they were all 10-20 years older) must know better than I did in my “limited experience”, for I wasn’t as well-read as they nor had I visited the multiple gurus and teachers, nor gone to workshops or college. Of course this must mean that I am inferior and ignorant in light of their achievements! So I forgot the child who stood bravely in front of an abusive parent and stated her truth even in the face of challenge (“how can you speak as if you know what you’re talking about? You’re only 7!) and I forgot the being who could write poetry full of ancient knowledge, or who was born innately fluent in the spellcasting of the realm purposefully and with intent, or who taught herself to read music before she was old enough to read words. For complicity, too, has many layers and dimensions and some of it is directed at ourselves.

Please understand that I share personal anecdotes as placemarkers for the larger map which I am navigating in these articles. I do not require anyone’s recognition, validation or praise, and I do not desire or seek emulation. I know who I am, and I am both you (connected) and NOT you (a sovereign individual). You must discover and navigate your own path, and employ the appropriate course corrections as you expand your access to your personal gnosis. By sharing the personal, it is my desire to demonstrate how experience can translate across these concepts.

Many meditation practices have been developed over the ages and each has its use, but there can be traps as these can become ritualized. There are many fallacies about meditation as well, such as the notion that you can simply space out, or go into trance, and that these are “meditating”. In truth, spacing out is what allows the program nodes to open and be easily accessed by the dark programmers. As a child I observed one of my parents “blank out” for long periods and then start moving and talking as though there had been no interruption. It was quite disconcerting. It becomes more so when you realize how many people are similarly “plugged in”.

I don’t share this with you to cause fear, because you can break any of these programs through the exercise of Aware Attention, even if you are yourself heavily programmed. We are here to break the programs because by actively disrupting them from the inside is the only way they can be effectively ended. Your sacred core of Attention is the greatest resource you own and is the reason for the ludicrous multiplicity of programs created to subvert it. Through these actions you will reclaim what you have never lost.


Declaration of Release and Freedom

I wrote this over 10 years ago and only recently re-discovered it in a box of old notes.

It is offered to those who find it resonant.


I stand between the light and the dark
I stand at the crossroads where all lines meet
I am the pivot, the fulcrum
Where all beginnings and endings spring
In the time before time, before form
In the stillness before first light, before the Word
Here I am, I have been, and will always Be

I release all pattern
I release the pattern of the pain of my body
I release the systems that are out of harmony
I release the beliefs that life is the experience of pain
I release the belief that the progression of time equals aging and weakening of the body
I release the belief that the mind grows feeble over time
I release the genetic pattern of my fathers and the defected imprint on that pattern
I release the genetic pattern of my mothers
I release the expectation that those patterns will manifest in my body

I release all patterns for I am more than the sum of beliefs
I release the belief that I must do or be certain things to achieve my goals and my desires
For I am already everything that I desire to be and much more

I release the pain of expectation
I release my grief at what I have believed was lost
I release the memories that have kept me bound to a path not of my choosing
I release the pictures that I have made of the life I thought should be, that they may return to the nothing where they truly belong and no longer hinder my true path
I release the closed hand which I have presented to opportunities and gentle gifts intended for my betterment
I release the accepted thoughts and concepts of my society, my culture and my race
I release the bounds that declare “this is the way of it and nothing more” for these are the rules of the blind

I am more than rules and I am more than boundaries

I release the karma of body, of mind, of heart and of spirit, for it is a system of control designed to hold me back from the Becoming

I release all that has moored me to my present circumstances so that I may experience True Flow and the fullness of Becoming

I release the belief that denies the possibility of alternatives to my present circumstances
I release the belief that my life is contained in this Realm of Pin and Sorrow

I release the belief that there is nothing more

Of all those by whose will or hand some effect of my life might have been made, I proffer my forgiveness, and I release the energy of anger or fear that has bound this ill-will to me in any and every form.

What will come to me now and going forward is what I choose.

Those things that will further my happiness and positive change will come to me without my having to seek them.

Obstacles no longer exist because I have released them.

The path is clear before me, and joy and love fill every step.

I release all disease and decay.
I release all fear. I am become courage.
I am. I will be.
I will be more than the moon and the stars in your eyes.

I fill all this void with the True Light, with strength, with prosperity, with health, with beauty, with harmony, with joy, and with love.

So be it.

Let’s not call them “Nordics”

The memories keep flooding back now. For many years, it has been the odd trickle from a breach quickly repaired, or the occasional spill when the damn was overwhelmed. The variety and seeming randomness of it all, is yet another revealing, an indication of the scope of programs in which I was involved.

The most recent revealing was of a period of time in which I worked with a group of Nordics, and there is greater clarity of the reasons for what seem mixed messages about them and their natures. Beautiful people in the way our kind measure such things, but incredibly dangerous and unpredictable as well. I could feel the aura of callous and random aggression they carry, how they could one moment seem as placid as a sloth and the next as dangerous and deadly as a viper. They would easily kill any one of us that they found annoying, and they see us as little more than monkeys.

In the memory, I was with a group of seven or eight of these people in a kind of simulacrum of a large dwelling. It was mostly empty, with little furniture and no decoration, the walls grey and cold in the dim light. It is likely that I spent several days with them, sleeping on the floor when it was allowed. I remember feeling the kind of tired fuzziness of sleep deprivation.

I think I was chosen for my innate telepathy, because this is their preferred method of communication, as well as my highly sensitive hearing and pitch sensitivity. My voice would not be unpleasant or harsh to their ears, because I speak quietly and pitch my tone in the lower register. I would also be able to hear them and distinguish the sounds they made as they were practicing our speech, something they do not need to do with their telepathy. And though I have lived in the Southern U.S. since a small child, I have no discernible accent. Indeed, many have said I sound like someone from the west coast.

In a darker vein, that choice was also likely from my upbringing through a great deal of abuse and could cover myself with a kind of meekness which they expected from a lower life form.

The feeling that I was in constant danger was thick as soup, and I was completely alone with these people. They would return me to whatever facility they had taken me from at their leisure. My sense is that they enjoy intimidation and got a kick out of me stepping carefully around them, as well as my fear of them. I was a puppy in a room full of people who found enjoyment in kicking puppies. Throughout the encounter, I was careful not to look them full in the eyes. I do not know if this was to mitigate the telepathic reaction or simply because they would be offended with such boldness from a “lower being”. I think it was some of both.

One young woman of small build, much slighter than their norm, had loaded a dishwasher in a haphazard and strange manner. For height and build comparison, think Natalie Portman, and her hair was a kind of light brown or dark blonde that had no real lustre. Part of their “practice” for living among us, I assume. Her “work” included an electronic power supply along with other electronic components. I removed the power supply and began explaining to her, carefully and with only a few words, that electronics should not be allowed to get wet, that they would not work or that they might catch fire. She looked at me with a kind of contempt, the way that a teenager might when instructed by her elders to do something she preferred to ignore. Yet I waited for acknowledgment and comprehension from her as though this was my job to teach them. She seemed to provide it, her speech hesitant as though speaking was not her normal way of communicating. I could barely hear what she said, and had to strain to make out the words. They escape me even now, though I always knew what they intended to say through a psychic connection.

Her reaction was communicated to a group of them who were all sitting on the floor together in a larger and completely empty room, what would have been the living room in this large house. They all made a bit of a mocking “aha” of this lesson, giving me a kind of gratitude and acknowledgment which was the sort you might give to a dog who learns a particularly challenging trick and performs it successfully. I was careful to play along.

They seemed to shift in appearance at all times and rather randomly while interacting with me, as though they had no or little concern about how they appeared to me. It is likely that they maintain a kind of glamour in public and the nature of it is not wholly clear to me. Maybe they were using me to practice this “shapeshifting” to determine the best bandwidth(s) upon which to broadcast. They seem to be masters of occlusion just as are the reptilians. For example, I remember one of the males seeming smaller and more slight, then as very large with bulked muscles. I am not sure which is the true form, though considering their fondness for intimidation, it may be that they are naturally small and only like to appear larger when they wish to intimidate us.

As they shared the “lesson” with each other, one of the males said something to me about my hair. He is the one who first seemed slight—like a young male teenager to my eye—and then as a very large adult human male. I have very thick hair which I have nearly always kept long. The joke is I have enough hair for five people—which is quite true. He was telling me something about holding my hair up on my head, and as he held it this thing looked like a short sword. He rather mimed and mumbled that it was too much hair to do so (their hair was thin and only to their shoulders). As he noted my “inadequacy” he exclaimed that my hair was “disgusting!” It was the loudest and clearest word that I heard from any of them during this encounter. I, continuing the play and performance, made a little sweep of my arm through my hair, lifting it in one movement from shoulders and back, and said, “no, it is beautiful!” I realized that like the Klingons of Star Trek fame, one must maintain a certain level of bravado in order to avoid their disfavor, and it worked. They comprehended both my unshrinking demeanor, the “lesson” on how hair like mine is viewed in our society, and the “joke” on me and them. Each of them made a kind of barking laughter, tilting their heads back as they did so. It was a sound unjoyous, with an energy of a dangerous gang who would  turn on you should you fail them. Yet I am here to tell the tale, so they must have returned me home at some point.

This is where the memory ended, though I feel that I was there for some small period of time so that they could observe how a human lives and behaves in a “native” environment. I understand now why I have felt some small amount of dread when “Nordics” are discussed and my internal disagreement with the way some experiencers seem to elevate these beings in their expression and thinking. It is in my thinking that they have well-perfected their occlusion methods and the glamourie has enabled them to generate a kind of romance around human thinking where they are concerned.

Perhaps this account will shed some light on this for you.

We Don’t Need Unity

We Don’t Need Unity

I send out this call to all those who spin their wheels arguing about “Unity in the Community” and demand or jostle for space in the dialog. Please stop.

Those calling for unity are generally speaking, nay, demanding! that their beliefs or stories not be challenged. They find disagreement and challenge to be stressful on the one hand, or they are untruthful and so find those things undermine their agendas. This is simply part of the human experience, and nothing more than this. It doesn’t mean that there is some conspiracy or government interference to create “dis-unity”, because no intervention is needed when a group of people behave like children, and no infiltration is required of a body that has no power to unseat them. I have other opinions on the latter and may address them in a future post.

What we need is Harmony. Imagine a large orchestra of 50-100 classical musicians. If you have had the pleasure of hearing one live, you will understand what a sublime experience true harmony can be. Now imagine if the wind section was out of tune with the string section, and what a miserable experience can be attained when a sublime one is the potential.

It doesn’t matter if anyone agrees or not. It doesn’t matter even if someone is lying. You can experience harmony with any human being if you are a mature individual who can interact and speak without fear, rancor or aggression. Honest conversation is possible even with liars, if that liar can weather the accusation and make a reasonable choice to either stop lying or own it. A person who lies is doing so out of fear. They need healing, not demonization and shunning.

And let us not choose captivity to the false binaries propagated through the various programs and social engineering, such as one must be either (a) truthful or (b) lying. The reality is that reality is not what we think it is, certainly not when our thinking has been engineered along certain spectra, rubrics and tangents. Sufficient exposure to a quantity of same (linear age) reveals how little we “know” when that knowing has been defined wholly by things external to our inner being.

In an orchestra, you have hierarchy, but in a group hierarchy is not necessary. In fact, hierarchy is more often than not the mechanism by which groups and their creative potentiality are destroyed. As one who has participated in an intentional group mind, cultivated and nurtured through the exercise of focused awareness and consciousness, I have perhaps a unique insight in this conversation. A fluidity of roles encourages a needful dynamism wherein all can benefit from the inspiration available in all roles. We learn best by doing, and as those communities that once practiced fosterage and apprenticeship knew, allowing the young to practice a variety of roles demonstrated their strongest skills and offered a mechanism to strengthen areas where weakness was present. It’s not up to me or any other individual to define what this fluidity of roles will look among the Awakened, but we must be ever vigilant about the hierarchy program and our fears of setting it aside. In this fluidity, there is no “higher” or “lower” (false binary alert), and there is nothing lost.

Now continue our metaphor of Harmony beyond a simple (yet not so simple!) classical orchestra, and see Gaia herself as a giant, multi-faceted, collection of achingly wondrous diversity. Is there not an inherent balance and harmony in her Being? Have not humans existed within her framework in a state of harmony?

We don’t need grand celestial or galactic metaphors, or tales of alleged distant societies on other worlds to offer us a model of what harmony and peace should be or become. We already possess those things in abundance. What we need is to do the work of focused intention and conviction to OWN our inner core, and let go of this childish standard that our story and beliefs are sufficient grounds to ostracize and demonize those who differ from us. Then can Harmony begin, but only then.

We Are Free

In the current but diminishing paradigm, there yet remain many and complex layers and machinations designed to distract or block our access to our own sovereignty, to hide the reality of our existence on this world. These mechanisms are so tangled and dimensioned that we could spend many lifetimes trying to understand them, and some of us have. The good news is that you don’t need to understand them to be free of them.

This is the secret the dark controllers don’t want you to figure out—you don’t need to understand any of it to escape the matrix. It might seem obvious, but there are no shortage of programs that work to keep you engaged with them, spending time and energy trying to get free.

One of these is an insidious corruption of our natural vibration of integrity and sense of obligation to community. It manifests in a number of ways, but let us consider the way this corruption can be seen in the differences observed when you look at how those of a more negative bent (hereinafter, “negatives”) view contracts versus how those of a more positive bent (hereinafter, “positives”) see them. To the positives, a contract is an agreement between two parties that is entered into with full understanding and awareness, with no hidden agendas or Machiavellian twists. In such an agreement, there is full partnership and full trust. There is no fear or even possibility of betrayal.

The negatives see a contract as an unequal partnership engaged in through trickery, but one which once you sign on the dotted line, is as irrevocable as a bill of sale. However, in this transaction, the commodity isn’t land or a car—it’s you.

When you use contract nullifying meditations and statements like these, you will feel the resistance of the dark seeking to prevent it. There will be an assertion of their purported ownership over you, that you do not have the right to escape their designs because you “agreed” to them when you watched that TV program, or that horror movie, or that pornographic film. They will use shame, fear, anger, loss, despair. You find your energy sinking and your field feels like a ball of sludge sinking to the bottom of a very deep ocean.

It is all an illusion, but one that can feel very real. There is no easy way to rise up from those feelings—it can be a very difficult process but I promise you that even the first step taken to leave behind that darkness you will find an even deeper well of help ready for you whenever you ask for it. All it takes is a little bit of faith.

Faith, too, has had its unfortunate day in the Halls of Corruption. This word has been co-opted by the negatives in their twisted labyrinths of fundamentalism, and is not faith at all but another form of compliance, submission and ultimately subjugation. Sometimes the best way to engage these words is to step back from all the cultural conceptions and look at their essence. Once you wash away the sludge you will find that it is a simple and beautiful vibration as clean and clear as a wild violet on a green hillside.

Like the scent of a violet, which disappears after the first whiff, then returns later, these concepts can seem elusive to us in the beginning. As we return again to experience them, they become easier to access and we continue to grow in our capacity.

How would a positive, light-oriented individual experience a contractual relationship? As noted above, it would be completely transparent, fully mutual, and wholly equitable in every way. There would be no attempt to by one party to take advantage of the other. Indeed, if one party were struggling to fulfill their obligations, the other party would reach out to assist them, perhaps renegotiating the contract. Such partnerships are always beneficial and work toward the good of all involved.

It is a good idea, then, for those on a path of spiritual growth to end all contracts, known and unknown, with any negative-oriented beings. This includes all contracts that might have been undertaken prior to incarnating, as well as ones we might have entered into before waking up during this current life. We can also release ourselves from the fallacies of karma, which is another system of oppression. Always keep in mind that there is no reason one cannot contain all belief systems in oneself, and if you are unsure how this can be so, consider that you may have friends who are Christian and friends who are Muslim, or Hindu, or Atheist, and can converse with any of them easily. Do you not already contain all of that information within? So it is with “belief systems”.

Consider that perhaps you only have “karma” as long as you agree to it. See how that feels to you and what it would mean.

Declare yourself FREE. Because so you ARE. Sit with this in a meditative space, and sit with it for a while. Watch how it interacts in your field. Allow that sense of freedom to spread beyond your personal bounds and out into the wider world. Imagine it seeping into the ground, flowing with the water, flying through the air. Imagine a World that is truly and completely Free, ushering in freedom and abundance for all beings.