a Window Opens

“A window is being provided to humankind.”

Transmissions are not static or linear, but a dynamic experience that includes many levels of information. This information is itself not static or linear and includes a multi-dimensional reality beyond the linear mind. The proper way to engage Information or informational matrices is by holding a state of conscious Awareness.

This window is a multi-dimensional portal that can be accessed through maintaining conscious Awareness along a certain bandwidth set. This bandwidth set can be “turned on” via Activation Keys (such as those present in handbooks and other materials that you feel resonate). The best way to access these keys is to read one or two sections of the handbooks or materials immediately before sleep. When you lie down, set the intention to hold Awareness and be ready for whatever information is given to you while you sleep. If achieving sleep is difficult, practice the 4-7-8 breathing technique. (Breathe in on count of 4, Hold breath count of 7, Release breath count of 8…repeat the pattern until sleep is achieved.)

It is important to see this window as an Alignment, and the process by which to access it as Atunement. Or simply “tuning” if you like. The Alignment is not a single dimension but can be thought of through the analogy of tumblers in a lock falling into place. It is not a tumbler and this is not a lock, but the analogy provides a symbol mechanism that is familiar to you. All the doors of your perception will be opened – not just one of them!

It is vital that as many people be made aware of this opportunity as possible, as it an important component of the Greater Work. The broader the collective Awareness that accesses this window, the more apparent and stable it may become, making it easier for others to access.

This is a key moment to remind humanity of the power of the female human in our paradigm, and to point out the thousands of years effort to subjugate and degrade the female of our species, which has been a very deliberate and calculated scheme. It is, in fact, one of the primary pillars by which humanity has been controlled for a very long time. This is due to the nature of Goddess Energy and how such energy cancels out the negative or dark matrix. The difficulty you may experience in fully analyzing this is due to a Diversionary Field that has been placed over certain truths so that you feel reluctance to look at them.

These Diversionary Fields are not physical, but you will see their effects in a tendency to automatically ridicule certain data sets, and close perception doors with thoughtless haste. Remember that Skepticism is a Closed Door, while Discernment is a Listening Ear! The slamming of a door against another human is a fear reaction that has been cultivated in humans and programmed at a very deep level. Human lack of conscious awareness of this mechanism is why it has been so effectively used against us.

Many have said that the way to the New Paradigm will be led by women. “Lead” has many meanings, some of which are not linear. Remember that women are, quite literally, walking portals of new life – whether or not they themselves give birth to such life, the function of portal remains. This is why it is imperative that this conduit remain free of negative energies. Keep in mind that in our Earth traditions of old, women who no longer bleed are called Seers. The tradition of respecting and revering our elders stems in part from this, but now it is imperative that we respect the female of our species at all ages, as there is a global concerted effort to harm them. The portal function of the human female is going to be a crucial component of humanity’s evolution, as it always has been.

Awareness of this function is being shared now with new purpose and knowledge not previously understood. These threads are being connected in a succinct and direct way though the information has been available and ignored for years. The time is drawing near for a global shift, and apathy is an unaffordable luxury. More could be shared but will not at this time. Each individually must increase the energy focus of actions along specific bandwidths to receive greater Insight into their realities.

It is important to note at this stage that this is not license to begin using women, and that She is not a “resource”. Remember, women are to lead, not be turned into objects and used for the benefit of men who want to retain dominance according to the old paradigm of the dark matrix (Patrix), or by other women who are yet caught in the fallacy of powerlessness to “ride the coattails” of women who have done the work of Becoming.

That only women have access to this window is NOT what is being communicated. Nor is Author saying that women are your window. The global energy is severely polluted and certain conduits are being deliberately harmed with malignant intent. Alignment to this Eye of the Needle requires skill, humility, and perseverance. The inheritors of the Earth shall be the enLightened. Now is the time to abolish all hierarchies and embrace a New Paradigm where the least among us become the greatest, and the greatest the least, because the metric for such things has ended. All are responsible for accessing this window individually, but the collective action is vital to continuance. Remember the fuller sense of this word “continuance”, for it is written in many dimensions and layers of meaning, including your own existence.

Rejoice! For this is one of the many promised moments for which we have been Watching. Those who hold to their Hope will be rewarded.

Blessings to your Path.

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