The Still Point

Many speak of a coming event or happening,
A shift of ages or shift of consciousness
This is not new or news
Simply because of its freshness to your mind
To see or understand or apprehend and comprehend
(or all together, ensemble of Mind Made More)
is insufficient without a full and complete
occupation of that still point
where perfect ego and perfect ego abandonment
a nirvana of an emptiness that is so full it can take a lifetime
to grasp
this still point which is neither still or a point
it is where all of the churn of the simulation
can be observed by the Witness that is you
think Neo in the hallway
except you are Neo and the hallway and the bullets and the agents
without the synesthesia or disassociation
it doesn’t require you to bilocate
or become connected to all things via intellectual USB ports
you are the still point because you can now perceive
all of it
you will perceive the chaos in the minds of others
and it will feel like lies
since the words they make are not in harmony
with hearts or thoughts

today I experienced this in a very personal way
which required that I ask people to repeat what they said
multiple times
I could understand the language, but not the chaos
behind their words
the spoken words and the non spoken vibrations
are equally perceived
this is part of what it means to be psychic

I witnessed a not-people shut down and go into
buffering mode
when I spoke words that disagreed with their programming
eyelids fluttered and face slack
Disconcerting it was

I speak to my cells and I see the non-physical beings
that parasite from us
I see too much now for me to ever accept
the simulation as home
but I’m nearing the end of my rebellious phase
a few thousand cycles or so is all it took
and I can play the game without resentment
even in exhaustion
that too will fade like all illusions

It seems my energy is in demand more so now
I am no longer fooled by this, it is not “divine timing”
Just my increasing strength and increasing clarity
The light gets brighter and here come the moths

More to come…


Declaration of Release and Freedom

I wrote this over 10 years ago and only recently re-discovered it in a box of old notes.

It is offered to those who find it resonant.


I stand between the light and the dark
I stand at the crossroads where all lines meet
I am the pivot, the fulcrum
Where all beginnings and endings spring
In the time before time, before form
In the stillness before first light, before the Word
Here I am, I have been, and will always Be

I release all pattern
I release the pattern of the pain of my body
I release the systems that are out of harmony
I release the beliefs that life is the experience of pain
I release the belief that the progression of time equals aging and weakening of the body
I release the belief that the mind grows feeble over time
I release the genetic pattern of my fathers and the defected imprint on that pattern
I release the genetic pattern of my mothers
I release the expectation that those patterns will manifest in my body

I release all patterns for I am more than the sum of beliefs
I release the belief that I must do or be certain things to achieve my goals and my desires
For I am already everything that I desire to be and much more

I release the pain of expectation
I release my grief at what I have believed was lost
I release the memories that have kept me bound to a path not of my choosing
I release the pictures that I have made of the life I thought should be, that they may return to the nothing where they truly belong and no longer hinder my true path
I release the closed hand which I have presented to opportunities and gentle gifts intended for my betterment
I release the accepted thoughts and concepts of my society, my culture and my race
I release the bounds that declare “this is the way of it and nothing more” for these are the rules of the blind

I am more than rules and I am more than boundaries

I release the karma of body, of mind, of heart and of spirit, for it is a system of control designed to hold me back from the Becoming

I release all that has moored me to my present circumstances so that I may experience True Flow and the fullness of Becoming

I release the belief that denies the possibility of alternatives to my present circumstances
I release the belief that my life is contained in this Realm of Pin and Sorrow

I release the belief that there is nothing more

Of all those by whose will or hand some effect of my life might have been made, I proffer my forgiveness, and I release the energy of anger or fear that has bound this ill-will to me in any and every form.

What will come to me now and going forward is what I choose.

Those things that will further my happiness and positive change will come to me without my having to seek them.

Obstacles no longer exist because I have released them.

The path is clear before me, and joy and love fill every step.

I release all disease and decay.
I release all fear. I am become courage.
I am. I will be.
I will be more than the moon and the stars in your eyes.

I fill all this void with the True Light, with strength, with prosperity, with health, with beauty, with harmony, with joy, and with love.

So be it.

Transmogrification of a Clockwork World

Consider this to be a story. I’m not saying that it is or is not so, only to allow such consideration into the ground from which you read and ponder what you do read. For there is much output called “information” in these times which is not so, and what is true or not true among all outputs can be made more or less so by the degree to which we call upon our individual sovereign nature.

Consider, too, that even among those constructs that are false, we as a people remain subject only because we dwell within a realm which was wrested from us in an ancient struggle, a struggle that has been hidden and obscured through some of the mechanisms that this writer is touching upon in the prologue for what is to come. Questions will be asked to inspire deeper inquiry, and ever it is important to employ Deep Listening beyond what you think or believe that you know, as some elements are not as simple, nor as complex, as they would seem at surface evaluation. Then let us begin.

Clockwork: a mechanism with a spring and “toothed” gearwheels used to drive a mechanical clock, toy, or other device

How many times have any among us stopped to wonder why certain dates or numbers or places are important, or are important to certain religions, or important to a certain group of dark controllers? We see it, we know it, and yet we experience the full effect of the diversionary field set in place to turn our eyes away from it. Still we look, and we ponder, and sometimes we See. Endless hours and days and weeks and years of speculation, ad infinitum ad nauseum across lifetimes, exhausting our resources as we must re-learn what was wiped in the between times. Yet we must know, and more urgently we must See through the illusions that are cast. What does it mean, and how are we to fully apprehend through complete inner-standing, that which has been so featly hidden for so long?

Durer’s “Melancholia”, a Masonic Primer extraordinaire.

There is an analogy that lies close to the truth, beyond tangential to the vesic, an intersection of fable and the real wherein we might discover one of the keys to liberation. And yet we must understand what it is from which we seek, or must seek, liberation, to even begin this segment of the journey.

Many have done so, but not most, at least as such things are generally counted on this world that propagandists would have us believe is populated in the billions (and think closely upon why you believe this to be true and who it is that measures such things and “informs” you of them). It remains shrouded this battle for the minds and hearts and will of a select few among the many, and among them those who actually have minds and hearts and will, they who stand out in dark places as a lighthouse upon a dark shore. We who understand and inner-stand this may sadly acknowledge the mystery and continue.

So if we are of that selection, and we have begun to awaken to the true nature of things—words being what they are and how wrongly sometimes used, let us hold to the common meanings for now—then what is going on?

There are some among our numbers who are putting together larger and larger sections of the puzzle, and it is to their credit, and our collective credit, that this must be acknowledged (see notes below). For now let some of those insights be enumerated, though let us not be distracted with the idea that any one person owns a truth, or truths, or that they “discovered” something that has been true since the Beginning, nor that those who uncover certain truths through research are more authority than those who re-Member it. Let us also not be fooled into beLIEving that a strong emotional connection is equivalent to memory. These are distinctions that matter.

What we call “the World” is not what we have been told, and indeed whole constructs have been created to obscure the Truth and propagate fantastical lies. We call these constructs “academia”, “science”, and “mathematics” (among other constructs and other names, though these are chief), and are heavily indoctrinated to hold them as utterly inviolate to any query that does not have as premise that inviolability. Social engineering serves to ensure that any who query these constructs are mocked, deconstructed and shunned, with the rules in those false constructs the only rules that are generally accepted. Even among those who are waking up to this elaborate ruse will still employ that social engineering as part of the toolkit to render its deconstruction, and this writer is just as guilty of it as anyone. Indeed, none while yet within the construct can escape it wholly, and so we must ever practice vigilance.

So if we abandon the doctrines of academia, and the decades of mocking poseurs who have ridiculed the work of earlier seekers and way-showers, we must sift through that earlier output with finer sieve to see what yet remains. One particular grain of what remains deserves a deeper look, and through such inquiry many of the riddles and open-ended equations we have learned to live with in our collective cognitive dissonance, can begin to resolve.

Consider, then, that the truth of “the world” is closer to the old etchings of vessels within vessels, where levels and layers as depicted therein are the true nature of this realm, rather than the rounded baubles hanging in a “sky” or “heavens”, and that “sky” and “heaven” are not what we have been taught to believe them to be. Extend this consideration to encompass that one could potentially pass from one state of being, or layer or level, into (or out of) this another, accessed through the knowledge or apprehension of certain mechanisms contained within these layers and levels. These layers and levels with their access and egress points would have existed for as long as the realm itself, and they would have been well-known and employed freely by those who created it, warded and guarded it. And if such a realm were a place made to be beautiful beyond compare, and rich in possibility, then it would be coveted. Such coveting would lead to the contemplation and execution of thievery on a scale beyond imagining, but this is what occurred. Because of this theft, those waypoints have not been accessible for some time and I feel the reasons for this, as well as the true nature of this Realm, are coming to light in this Now.

These Matryoshkas are a metaphor and not the reality suggested, but what a beauteous, awe-inspiring metaphor this art!

A alternate art to ponder.

As a result of the theft and the machinations to complete the hijacking, we reside within a kind of oubliette where the term “prison planet” is actually derived, but it was not always this way. Rather, it was made so by those who first corrupted and then seized control, and they realized that they needed us to teach them first how this realm works before they could complete the hijacking.

A point of clarity: I am not here endorsing or engaging in the various “flat Earth” dialogs because those are not the truth any more than the popular model of the “Solar System” are the truth. This article is about something wholly other that is hinted at within both, and to inner-stand this the reader must set both constructs aside and engage in the Deep Listening that I mentioned earlier.

The identity of these hijackers and would-be controllers is not important to the purpose of this article, and I won’t be following that track here. Much disinformation has been created to distract us from looking Deeper, and engaging that construct is a waste of energy. For now, I will simply refer to them as “the controllers” or hijackers or interlopers because I refer to their base crime and give them not the respect of a title that is loftier. They are not “gods” and do not deserve our fear or reverence. They are more like to squatters albeit clever ones.

To maintain their hold and achieve their goals, the controllers have farmed multiple crops, but their chief and choice is those of us select who are in possession of what they fear and crave. It serves their nefarious ends to keep these select ones in endless loops of argument and “contemplation” upon those constructs that they create to obfuscate and distract, so that we arrive never at the truth. Other crops include the empty lower emotional states that are their own junk food, as well as the hybrids and constructs they use this place to grow and develop. But again, this piece is not about what is popularized inside the alternative community or alt media or however you style such things in your own mind. Go deeper still.

I carry memories of piloting the craft that navigate the water portals, a way out of this oubliette into side realms. “Portal” is not perhaps the best name, as it evokes the false science fiction imagery intended to cloud and trick us, but a “portal” is an opening that leads from one place or state to another, and in this sense it is as good as any. The “portals” then are not simple, single, or fixed, but they are multiple, layered, and ever changing. To enter a portal in one of these craft feels like diving into fathomless water from a great height, with the knowledge that you are choosing your own ending unless you are successful in your endeavor. It is a plunge into the ineffable deep dark and it is terror you cannot imagine without taking that plunge yourself. But it does not stop with the first plunge. Every nano-second of that traversing you are on high alert, feeling for every slightest change that tells you where the next shift and change in the portal will occur, because you must pilot your vessel with absolute perfection through ever one of them. It is water, and so as changeable as water, though more so since it is combined with the very stuff of what sets this realm apart from others. It is not simply water and “energy”, but much more.

It may now become clear why one must possess powerful and immediate reflexes tied in with strong intuition and telepathy, and why their highly complex genetic and breeding programs exist. For they were as trapped as we when they wrested control, because we Shut the Gates upon them to contain their Infection.

But what of those other ways to effect and manipulate this realm? They must exist still, as once they did. Perhaps their existence can be seen in the controllers obsession with dates and times and places and numbers. Perhaps more clearly can these be seen in their fascination with and tireless efforts to infiltrate mystery schools where knowledge of such matters has been shared in utmost secrecy to those true initiates, those bodies which were eventually discovered and infiltrated in effort to wholly eliminate any understanding of what was taught and thus render its perversion. Such infiltration of these and many other bodies (for I use this word instead of “construct” for a true form is not a construct) can often be spotted through one very simple absence, though that will be discussed another time.

If one holds in consciousnesses the image of the layered nature of our oubliette, and ponders how certain dates and times and numbers are fixated upon the minds of those who hold control of it, and then looks through this lens at the components of what is called astrology, an understanding may begin to click into place. Why indeed are there the ancient teachings that certain workings must be done on specific “feast days”, corrupted latterly into “holy-days”, that claim certain doorways and paths are opened when the work performed correctly and in the proper alignment and atunement?

As one allows these things to sink in, one might begin to See that we live in more than oubliette, for even this pocket reality must have passageways Otherwhere. Perhaps one might See it as through the metaphor of a giant clockwork, with many operations and ways and means, a labyrinth that is continuously made within the bounds of the Realm. Or See it as layers and folds that grow and en-layer and en-fold over the course of existence much as our physical brains grow and complexify over the course of that brain’s existence. They are much the same, and more the same than you may realize.

Transmogrification: transform, especially in a surprising or magical manner

Suborning such a Realm would take a Long View indeed, and a great deal of patience over a long accumulation of what we call time. Time itself is not a negative construct, but was made so, as was much else in this Realm, because one cannot exert ownership and control when such things do not actually exist without a great deal of manipulation. How else does one convince a group of beings who have all they could ever want or need, with the boundless ability to create and experience all they could possibly ever desire, that they were small and ignorant and finite? Some of that layering is apparent to all who contemplate such things, though not all of it and I wager some of the most obvious are yet obscured by the conditioning that yet remains the ground upon which all feet in this realm stand.

The inversion, as many are re-membering Now.

One could See this place as it was intended, a Realm where a beautiful and timeless Work could be accomplished upon the Self both as individual and as collective. In the beginning, there was no ownership or hierarchy, no competition or greed or strife, because these are not our “natures” and the beLIEf in such things is part of the manipulation to hold the false construct of control. This Realm was intended to be a garden within the greater existence, a Temple to explore the intersection of free will and creativity in joy and peace. It remained for a long time before a door was opened on a dark place, and some with darker designs allowed their greed to overwhelm empathy. Tale as old as time.

Those who seized control through their coveting and their infiltration are the same ones who claimed to cast us out for our “sins”, and though this “they” may not be the same group that devised all of the oppressive constructs that we recognize today as such, they are certainly the ones who made such things possible. One might style them the Original Priesthood, and inner-stand that their transgression may not have been the deep and dark evil which has been mythologized in recent times, but the lesser sin of simply coveting what they could not fully possess, and believed that they “knew best”. It is this Original Priesthood whose power has ended with the close of the Great Cycle, and whose ending is felt in desperate reverberations throughout all societies at this Now moment, exhibited in increased aggression and pressures to hold old control systems, assertions of dictatorship and the like. It is this bootless push for hierarchy that is the loudest telltale, for it was an imposition of hierarchy that made all the constructs possible.

The Good Work is any work that be True. It is never exclusionary. Rather it is free and open, absent of hierarchy, for it is made in that Joy of Joys which is the celebration of All that We Are, in a where and a when that nothing is withheld and all is Shared. To steal this from us through the imposition of systems that require exclusion in order to survive (capitalism, money, etc.) is one of their more effective tricks, and navigating this construct has caused great harm to all intended or no. This is why the dismantling of it is such a constant priority among all communities that seek the True Sovereign among the rubble of existence made by these machinations. We know in our innermost being that the truly sacred is the truly open and natural.

It is why we still yearn for this Realm to be a safe place for beauty and goodness to be expressed, discovered, and deepened. It is why this place was protected by certain Keys to be used on certain Feast Days, to ensure that those who desired to enter or exit should study discipline to so do. Some “elites” bent their effort to trickery and manipulation as those ever do who feel an inner inadequacy to the Work, choosing shortcuts in their place. To some, this was a Temple of Creation. To others, it was a game to be exploited. To all, this will soon come to an end.

You could think of it as a temple in a far removed place, a Shangri-La where only aspirants of the purest and truest merit could seek to find, and then see it corrupted at first by one trickster who persuaded others to perform a corrupted working on a Key date, and see that key turning the tumblers on a lock, opening a door inappropriately and incorrectly, as it were, but made corrupt in that working. Once someone of mal-intent was allowed Within, the tune and beat were changed, and it could no longer be a place wholly of the sacred. Basically, there went the neighborhood.

More and more of us are Seeing the end of this construct, and a return to Home, long awaited and eagerly welcomed. Some of us fully comprehend that there is no resolution, or “ascension”, for something so corrupt and so filled with evil and suffering. There can be no saving, only freedom.

It takes only a tiny cancerous cell, to bring rampant disease to the whole. The smallest shadow can warp utterly what had been a state of pure creative joy. This warping is what eventually allowed the dark beings to enter, and to wrest control from those who thought themselves the true masters.

The Fall was not a transgression against some purported deity, but against ourselves, and for this, we have paid and paid far beyond the honor price we owed to ourselves or each other. Yet we are engineered and manipulated to hold on to a guilt, an unworthiness, because it is that frequency of emotion that perpetuates their hold upon us. Without the loosening of guilt’s grip, we can never breathe air through its chokehold, and fail to realize who we truly are.

These may seem simplistic concepts at surface reading, but they truly are not, nor are they derivative of what you think you know. This is not intended as a weaving of other tales which obscure the truth, but a call to re-Member what you Are. For the truth ever held in simple concepts as water in a clear glass best slakes our thirst. The over-crowding and clouding of terminologies and ideologies and all ologies and isms are the shadows cast by the very small and the very fearful who dread the day of our Full Awakening, a day that is near at hand and the Final Day, by their reckoning, the true End Times for all the dark controllers and their paradigm.

As one gazes within, one might see how that deep guilt expresses in little ripples and expressions throughout all those tracks (what we erroneously call timelines or lifetimes), how even our interactions with other awakening ones can be corrupted and warped. The twin dark emotions of fear and guilt are the real prison, the bedrock of belief in the constructs of ownership and control, and it is only the failure to see them in their fullsomeness which prevents us from seeing their true purpose and impact.

It is perhaps less important to monitor the dark dates and machinations of the corruptors as we pull our collective consciousness out of our collective amnesia, for their machinations will lose more and more of their stolen power, even over the mindless hordes they have created to keep us in fear and distraction. Last night I watched in wonder as the lines on the palms of my hands disappeared, and experienced a Knowing that the Return we have longed for is so very close. Those who have hearts and minds and will are already awake, but many of them are still in beLIEf, and do not know it. These are the ones we are tasked with reaching in this Now. The time of raging at the machine is ended, and its dismantling is for Now. It is time and the Clockwork nears the zero hour when the Doors will be opened and we may Purify the Temple once more. The transmogrification will be reversed, and what is True will stand. Then, in truth, there will be much Joy and Sharing far beyond all imaginings or dreams.

Oh then how we will fly!

We Don’t Need Unity

We Don’t Need Unity

I send out this call to all those who spin their wheels arguing about “Unity in the Community” and demand or jostle for space in the dialog. Please stop.

Those calling for unity are generally speaking, nay, demanding! that their beliefs or stories not be challenged. They find disagreement and challenge to be stressful on the one hand, or they are untruthful and so find those things undermine their agendas. This is simply part of the human experience, and nothing more than this. It doesn’t mean that there is some conspiracy or government interference to create “dis-unity”, because no intervention is needed when a group of people behave like children, and no infiltration is required of a body that has no power to unseat them. I have other opinions on the latter and may address them in a future post.

What we need is Harmony. Imagine a large orchestra of 50-100 classical musicians. If you have had the pleasure of hearing one live, you will understand what a sublime experience true harmony can be. Now imagine if the wind section was out of tune with the string section, and what a miserable experience can be attained when a sublime one is the potential.

It doesn’t matter if anyone agrees or not. It doesn’t matter even if someone is lying. You can experience harmony with any human being if you are a mature individual who can interact and speak without fear, rancor or aggression. Honest conversation is possible even with liars, if that liar can weather the accusation and make a reasonable choice to either stop lying or own it. A person who lies is doing so out of fear. They need healing, not demonization and shunning.

And let us not choose captivity to the false binaries propagated through the various programs and social engineering, such as one must be either (a) truthful or (b) lying. The reality is that reality is not what we think it is, certainly not when our thinking has been engineered along certain spectra, rubrics and tangents. Sufficient exposure to a quantity of same (linear age) reveals how little we “know” when that knowing has been defined wholly by things external to our inner being.

In an orchestra, you have hierarchy, but in a group hierarchy is not necessary. In fact, hierarchy is more often than not the mechanism by which groups and their creative potentiality are destroyed. As one who has participated in an intentional group mind, cultivated and nurtured through the exercise of focused awareness and consciousness, I have perhaps a unique insight in this conversation. A fluidity of roles encourages a needful dynamism wherein all can benefit from the inspiration available in all roles. We learn best by doing, and as those communities that once practiced fosterage and apprenticeship knew, allowing the young to practice a variety of roles demonstrated their strongest skills and offered a mechanism to strengthen areas where weakness was present. It’s not up to me or any other individual to define what this fluidity of roles will look among the Awakened, but we must be ever vigilant about the hierarchy program and our fears of setting it aside. In this fluidity, there is no “higher” or “lower” (false binary alert), and there is nothing lost.

Now continue our metaphor of Harmony beyond a simple (yet not so simple!) classical orchestra, and see Gaia herself as a giant, multi-faceted, collection of achingly wondrous diversity. Is there not an inherent balance and harmony in her Being? Have not humans existed within her framework in a state of harmony?

We don’t need grand celestial or galactic metaphors, or tales of alleged distant societies on other worlds to offer us a model of what harmony and peace should be or become. We already possess those things in abundance. What we need is to do the work of focused intention and conviction to OWN our inner core, and let go of this childish standard that our story and beliefs are sufficient grounds to ostracize and demonize those who differ from us. Then can Harmony begin, but only then.

The Value of Your Voice

Tonight I’m in a very contemplative space, working quietly to resolve the impact of some recent disappointments. Life is very difficult for many people these days, particularly those who are Wakening. We are straddling two worlds where the gap between them is widening, and the requirements of the old world is not abating while the new one is growing. It is taxing. It is demanding. It is worth it.

This is what I keep repeating today: it is worth it. Because it is. Because it is the only thing that matters right now. Many of us have suffered great loss, and some more than others. Some of us will suffer even greater loss in the weeks and months to come. But it is worth it. Because the Journey is worthy.

Tonight I want to remember our Voices, collectively and individually. Many of us are engaged in some pretty exciting exchanges with each other, inter-organizational and intra-organizational. Boundaries are getting fuzzy and sometimes chasms grow. The ground is shifting beneath our feet and we are all wearing roller skates! This is not a time to allow the petty to grow beyond its true size.

For most of my life, I was told that I was nothing. That my only value was my uterus and my ability to be a “homemaker”. Funny that I failed at both of those things. And I had to come to terms with the way that our culture devalues women who do what they’re told just as much as it abuses women who don’t do what they’re told. I had to deal with the pain of years wasted as an obedient slave to a system that worked to destroy me.

The outcome for many women who internalize the toxic messages of a culture that says “you are worthless” is that we swallow our words. We swallow them whole and never allow them to escape our lips. Some of us become so good at swallowing our words that we swallow our voices, too. We begin to believe that there is nothing that could come our of our throats and minds that could possibly hold value to another human being. Our inner voice becomes very loud, and sometimes our psychic self becomes so sensitive we can barely tolerate it. Invisibility is the next step. I learned very early how to be invisible in a crowded room. Thank the Universe that my Teacher didn’t let me get away with it! And neither did the Universe.

I spent a lifetime following synchronicity to know what my path should be. I cannot say that this has always been a good thing, nor that I did it perfectly. Sometimes I simply accepted the lesser of two evils when I should have refused them all. I am not unique in that respect – we all experience moments of cloudiness, a lack of clarity that comes from our struggle to accept our own value, to believe in ourselves.

That lack of acceptance and belief steals from us, but it also steals from others. Without trusting in ourselves, we are depriving the world of our unique point of view, of our intrinsic wisdom, of our voice.

Each of us has something invaluable and precious that we carry within ourselves. It may be obscured by mud or tarnish. It may be a hidden gem stashed in a rusted tin box that we forgot about for a time while we traveled a long road back to that part of ourselves where we could remember it. We may have abandoned the journey willfully because we needed to step back and really understand what it meant before picking up where we left off. Maybe we made choices along the way that we regret. Maybe we didn’t really have a choice, and have to come to terms with that, too. We may have “karma” with others that we really wish we could have resolved before coming to this moment. Whatever it may be, the tarnish that we can now polish from the gemstone of our wisdom can be made gleaming, and its light will dazzle us in a way that it simply could not before.

This is why, if we are truly on the path of the Realized, we must be gentle with ourselves, and accept the lessons we have so gifted ourselves with at this time.

To value our voice is more than giving our wisdom a quality. It is accepting the treasure we carry as treasure. We are all on a quest from Source to learn, and Source does not count one lesson greater than another. All knowledge is Knowledge. All wisdom is precious.

It is very difficult for we who have been so programmed within a culture that devalues some humans and elevates others to understand the implications, in our daily lives, of how this impacts us and steals away our wisdom. Many understand and accept that we all have access to the same information or, more appropriately, Gnosis, and that we are all equally partaking in it. But old habits die hard, and we will elevate one voice above others, because it has been schooled in us from childhood.

This is not to in any way diminish anyone’s hard work, as there are some truly amazing and brilliant Bringers of Truth who have devoted countless hours, days, weeks, months, and years to carry Truth to us. I do feel that we need a better system by which to share our wisdom with each other, to commune on higher levels so that all of our number feel their voice has meaning. And I am sure we will achieve this, among many other things.

My point is that, in our current paradigm, it is important that we not forget the value that each carries, to carry it in our awareness. It is another type of tantric exercise where our attention and the world we engage become tension points, working isometrically to build a new kind of strength. This learning about creating tension and applying the tantric principle is part of the wisdom that I carry from my Teacher, and I have built my own wisdom, my own experience and insight, onto his and others. Yet others have learned from me – mundane and less so – and built upon that. It is one of the ways that everything becomes brilliantly connected in yet another layer.

The image of the Tarot card, The Star, has been much on my mind the last few weeks. It is the card that follows The Tower, a symbol of paradigm-changing destruction, an end of regimes, a radical change in tides. The Star is commonly called “Help from Above (or outside)”, something that we may not see but which arrives just when needed.

I see a higher esoteric meaning in the card. The figure of a woman pours water from a jar back into a large body of water. Why would she do this? Don’t people take water from a lake in vessels back to their homes for their use? So why give the water back?

The insight I have on this is told in the paragraphs above, but I’ll elucidate further. The lake in this metaphor is Source, and the water being poured back into the lake is the reunion of our unique and very personal experience returning Home. It is significant that water is the symbol of this card, and that water represents the emotional self which is the core of our power as human beings.

Use the analogy of the Hologram. Heck, use the imagery of Tron bring his “disk” and uploading his collected data to the mainframe in order to heal the toxic programs from the system. All of the above work, only it is not some super hero as in Tron that is going to save the day. We are all “Tron”. The information that we share with each other isn’t some static thing that we read or listen to and then walk away from, but a beautiful symphony of experience and Conversation.

When I walk along the lake, I am engaging in Conversation with the world around me, a dialog of senses, thought, emotion and being that expands beyond the walker. I am more than the body. I am that which contains my body. You are my body.

This is so important: many of us who feel we have nothing to add to the Conversation, will continue on our journey with nothing to add Conversation. When we wake up to our intrinsic value, with enough awareness and clarity to see who and what we are, we will discover that we have immense riches to share. As we continue to believe that we have something to add, then we will find that we do, and more still will grow within that realization. We will be surrounded by so much wealth that we can’t give it away fast enough.

That is the secret of who we are, and this is why groups have worked so hard for so long to convince us that we are worthless. This is why, when you walk the streets in poor neighborhoods, you may feel like the message “you are worthless” is being pounded into you at every turn. Each of these things is purposeful. And it takes so very little to break the spell.

You are the water bearer. I am the water bearer. The Aquarian Age is the age of You and your freedom to be who you have always been. One day I woke up to find that I was the one I was looking for. You probably have, too.

Now imagine a few thousand persons who have awakened to their true nature coming together in harmony, uplifting each other still more. The effect becomes exponential. This is what they have always feared, that the shackles would no longer lock on our wrists and ankles, and we would simply fly away.

We are not all going to have big hugs and roast marshmellows just yet. There is going to be tension. There are going to be a lot of moments where one rubs another the wrong way. There are going to be those we looked up to who will fall from the pedestal and fall very, very hard. We can choose to be compassionate, and to love them anyway. We can realize that just because someone says something that we know is wrong, doesn’t make that person bad. They’re stuck in the mud in a vehicle that they no longer need. Put a little WD 40 on your roller skates and keep going.

Geese fly in a “V” so that the air resistance is lessened on the flock as a whole. When the lead goose gets tired, another goose takes the lead, giving that one a rest. Nobody needs to be the “leader”, but everyone has to be sensitive to the needs of the whole. Sometimes a lead goose needs a break, and another needs to step up and take the full force of the wind for a little while. We don’t need to abandon anybody in order to fly, but we do need to stop insisting on a “leader” to do our work for us.

Again, I’m not saying we are all the same and that we have to engage in some kind of intellectual parsing of the minutes of our day to make sure we give every individual we encounter an equal portion of our time. That would be rather mad. What I am suggesting is that we find a way to reach outside of our routines and our comfort zones to listen to others in new ways, and work a little harder to find resonance that perhaps we didn’t know was there.


The Thing We Fear

…is not death. Not really. Millions face death every day and we find our peace with that, because death is not an end.

What we really fear is Becoming. We see it as a vast unknown, terrifying and empty of all that is familiar and grounding and safe. We sense a landscape but cannot see it. We long to cling to the objects and experiences that have feathered our nests and given us a kind of warmth, even if that nest has been polluted with the detritus of another’s ill intent and the corpses of memories that cause us pain.

We would rather hold onto pain than to step into a reality where we fear we will lose ourselves.

Some have misinterpreted this as a fear of success. Consider that what we fear is that if we let go of this illusion that we call existence for a very different type of existence, that we will dissolve and cease to be our essential selves.

This is the lie that is programmed into us so that we will only choose to evolve when we can face that fear, with full consciousness, and still say “YES”.

The lie is that we are separate and orphaned, any experience of Source a dim notion on the fringes of reality. It is the idea that our individuality is somehow a pollution of Its purity, and if we wish to return home we must relinquish who we are.

This is so very far from the truth. As far as a Universe is wide. We are intentional and right beings of light, living and experiencing and learning. We are doing exactly what we are meant to do.

The problem is that we are too good at our jobs. We are too good at living in this dimension, in this reality. Too good at making our nest, our reality bubble, our pocket universe. We are so good at it that we can come up with a billion different versions of it, each encased in a separate and individual mind, and all co-exist in truth and reality. The task now is to find our next step in the Journey.

Many say they are ready for it, and eagerly waiting for “ascension powers”. It is the letting go of that which we have made around ourselves, all of the objects and experiences and physical locations that each of us sees as “me”, that becomes more difficult with time. This is why children find it easier to be exceptional than a middle aged person. A child has not lived a lifetime of memories, nor collected a household full of objects to hold them. A life on the upward cycle of such beginnings has not learned to be static, or learned that it has limits. The landscape of our imagination will always be bounded by perceived limits.

Memory can become a prison. Precious things from our past that we hold onto for a variety of reasons are not in themselves bad, but they can become part of the trap. We don’t truly need those things anymore than we truly need those memories, because nothing is lost and nothing is forgotten. All that has ever been is Remembered in the energy that makes up all that there is.

That is not to say that all are called to adopt a loner, vagabond lifestyle. An artificial disconnection would not exempt one from the struggle to let go, and even in an empty existence something of grace will serve to hook one at the crucial moment of choice. Each must find their authentic path.

What is memory? We believe, thanks to the disinformation of our scientific-medical-industrial complex, that memory is something that only exists in our physical brains. It is widely believed that we must play all sorts of games to remember all sorts of information from the minor to the necessary to the sublime.

Consider that Memory is a function of Mind, and the physical brain a type of transportation hub carrying Mind from one strata to the next, to our bodies, and back out again. Some hubs are more efficient than others. Some hubs are better with words and others are better with pictures. There are hubs with 50 stations running simultaneously and others that hum along happily with just a few. And not one hub is “better” than the other. Simply different.

The accumulation of memory in the academic, old paradigm style becomes a giant construct that we have to carry. It reminds me of the scene in the movie, Labyrinth, where the heroine is “piled on” by a seemingly well-meaning being carrying their house on their backs until she begins to resemble them. Just in time, her awareness kicks in and she stops the process before it is too late.

In much the same way, we are given the opportunity to evaluate and let go of things that we do not need at many junctures over our lifetime. Everyone is given glimpses into the Source Record where everything that we will ever need to know is retained. I feel that is one of the rules of this Journey, but this is my intuition rather than direct knowledge.

Perhaps you have had moments contemplating what ascension might mean for you. What will existence be like should such a thing occur? Everyone has moments of doubt and misgivings, and that is part of the process, too. Through contemplation we receive the answers we need at each stage of the journey. It really is okay to trust the process.

What do any of these things mean for each of us? It truly is an unknown landscape and the clincher is that we don’t get to have a preview. We can only take the leap when we Believe we are ready to do so.

It gets easier each time we try.