Can Free Will Be Bypassed?

Many who are on the Path understand the basic law of this paradigmatic reality, i.e., the Law of Free Will. Within this law is a wide leeway and latitude for its employment, a latitude which, some might argue, has suffered extraordinary manipulation and subversion by certain oppositional forces who wish humanity ill.

The larger picture is that we, and our planet, have been used for many thousands of years as a farm for negative emotion. This energy is used as a food source by beings who have converted their spiritual matrix to a parasitic nature. These beings, though mighty, have made themselves into much lesser beings through this Choice. And while these beings are on their way out, we have adapted to a co-existence with them.

What it means for us is that we are caught in an elaborate web of diversion, subversion, trickery, and maladaptation of our free will complex in order to “willingly” provide ourselves as a food source for these beings. However, it would seem that they have broken the Prime Directive of free will and used our basic biological and sociological constructs against us, knowingly and maliciously created elaborate constructs to bypass our free will completely, employing loopholes to claim we made a free will choice to be enslaved.

We’re a communal species who are hard-wired for cooperation. This means that we possess a kind of substrate or functional operational ground that requires a complexity of interpersonal relationships in order to function as we are optimally intended. In order for a three-dimensional, physical being who may be only mildly psychic (intuition) to maintain complex interpersonal relationships with larger numbers of other 3D beings, we must have an immense capacity for trust. This capacity goes far beyond what beings in 4D and above experience because of our experience of the Veil.

Trust is not a bad thing – it is an immensely good thing! So please do not hear these statements as a condemnation of trust, or admonition to become more cynical. The opposite is what we need. Refusing to engage in anger or in fear are also extremely important.

These manipulators are using an imposed operating system that functions on the etheric plane and in some ways the astral as well, sometimes a combination of both. It is important to remember that this does not make us victims, but makes us open to certain vulnerabilities. Those who created these oppressive systems are playing a very long game to create slaves who could be exploited over several waves or aeons.

If it were simply a work exchange program where humanity was given the gift of potentiated ascension in exchange for a few generations worth of work, as this enslavement is sometimes billed, this would be within a bound of function which might be acceptable were there no other methods for achieving it. But this is not the case – we were being set up to serve as an entirely different form of slavery, one where our emotional energy would be manipulated into darkly negative conduits and farmed as food for negative, advanced beings.

This will sound outrageous to some, but less so perhaps than it might have 20 years ago. That is because our people have been undergoing preparation for a very public and very global disclosure of our true origins and the many non-terrestrial races that interact with us here. Hundreds of TV shows and movies have been popularized and spread to everyone within reach of the technology to watch them. The idea of the “alien among us” has been made commonplace for a reason. It is the rare human who is not prepared for such an event as global disclosure.

It has been argued that humanity has given tacit agreement to its exploitation by not consciously refusing same. I do not believe we can understand this term only in a 3D frame of thinking. While it is true that during the time of our pre-birth we as pure energetic beings can see what is going on, once we incarnate fully, that ability is more than a little dimmed because of the Veil between our physical and etheric bodies. Further, the indoctrination of children begins as soon as they are born, effectively preventing them from retaining their pre-birth awareness and apprehension of the game, establishing another kind of veil.

This game is made deliberately complex, far beyond the comprehension of 99.99% of the surface population. This complexity is multi-faceted, hiding its many moving components across multiple dimensions. Even to the fully matured mind of an experienced meditator, it can be difficult to grasp.

As noted above, humans are hard-wired to trust. In practical terms this means that we will trust our parents, peers, and community implicitly, because our brains are structured to ensure this. It has been the oft-asserted lie that we are by nature competitive rather than cooperative because such a lie serves the ends of those power elites who run the world systems on behalf of the beings who use us as a food source. By indoctrinating us with the competition meme, they ensure that we trust the rulers more than we trust each other.

This is the pivotal point where our free will is in effect over-ridden by the ones who claim to be utilizing a loophole in the law and that we are “choosing” our own oppression. A choice between oppression/slavery and death is not a choice. No one can consent to their own torture.

The ability to discern and choose has been hampered at a very young age for all of us, but the consequences vary for women and men. Since that programming has built into it both cloaking mechanisms and diversionary fields, it has been very difficult for the average person to breakthrough the barrier to understanding.

There have been profound changes in our planet’s energy fields over the last several years, and this difficulty is easing tremendously. I will write more about this in an upcoming blog, but the link above will give you some background.

It is truly through the diligent and committed work of clearing our field and of meditation that we learn how to hear the voice of our Higher Self, without censure or filter. Learning to spot and disable the filters and programs inserted into our individual and collective matrix is part of the important effort to free ourselves, individually and collectively, from these “control” systems.

These are the hard truths – each of us must choose to exit the systems on our own. We must individually choose to no longer be exploited, or to do the exploiting. We must refuse to participate in the systems that profit on exploitation. We must refuse to accept the fear that pressures us into compliance. The stakes are very high, and the battle the most worthy one of all.


Economic Collapse is Neither Necessary Nor Inevitable

It is one of the many tricks played on us that the only way an economy behaves is via boom and bust modalities. Exuberant success or abysmal failure. We have been conditioned to see things in binary, that all solutions are oriented to either/or and there are no alternative perspectives that hold validity or effectiveness. This is simply not true, and even the most hypnotized can comprehend the myriad of examples proving same.

Pause for a moment and observe within the past those times when anxiety or fear has obliterated all options save for two. This fear programming is part of the larger menu of control mechanisms by which we are herded into a psychic abattoir. We call these fear mechanisms a “self fulfilling prophecy” but it is much more than this. Indeed, calling it “self-fulfilling” puts all of the burden of the fear and its results on the one being manipulated, rather than accounting for the ones doing the manipulation.

While it is true that there are self-fulfilling mechanisms, look closer at the words. “Self fulfill”, as in, self-oriented, as in, making others invisible. Such a mechanism is contrary to the energetic by which we grow spiritually, to wit, service to others, or cooperation with others. It subverts our free will into a victim orientation, implying that our own ability to manifest is somehow primarily employed in our own degradation, and that such an operation is inevitable because we are too sheep-like to do otherwise.

By keeping us focused on the ideology of collapse, which is what the money system of the cabal is actually predicated upon, it diverts our innovative energies away from all the things that we could be doing to safely and effectively transition from a diseased, exploitative system to a wholistic and beneficial commerce construct. It is the fallacy that the only way we can move from one to another is to destroy ourselves. See the fear mechanism for what it is – a method of keeping you from doing anything other than following the herd to the slaughter.

To transition away from what is harming us only requires opening the mental energies away from the fear. This means replacing the harmful thoughtforms with positive ones. As more and more people do this, solutions will bubble up that we hadn’t considered before. You will understand that barter has been demonized as a method of commerce (though it has been a more effective method of interacting in the conduit of “commerce”) and then presented as the only alternative to capitalism. Why do we need either system?

Remember that when you feel the urge to ridicule blindly, without thought, this is evidence of interference in your perceptual mechanism. There will be many inventive solutions and these should be employed immediately to ease the challenges of transition away from the harmful systems we currently use.

Much of what those with money consider necessities are not really necessary at all. Consumerism is a disease and everyone is affected by it in some way, even the most enlightened among us. The only true “collapse” will be an end of the system of consumerism which was created as a population control mechanism during the era of the Robber Barons, which means longer than anyone has been alive today. Because of this, we have become accustomed to accepting it as our status quo without question. While many have pushed back against it, often it remains within an ideology that all of these things are needed to have a rich human experience. The disease of hoarding is one of the ways that we can observe how consumerism and “thing needing” corrupt our psyche, but you can see it as well among those who will budget for expensive tech rather than bothering to think about the dozens of people they could feed if they contributed to a food bank instead.

But this is a 3D explanation. Each must consistently work to put forth their needs to the universe in order to see them manifest. The clearer we remain, the better the manifestation.

The more people who begin opening their minds to the abandonment of the false construct of money, the sooner we will be liberated from it. Persons not hypnotized by the system are needed to move us away from it. The hope is that you will join our growing numbers.



In ancient Greek, the word “Aletheia” means “truth”. But there is a higher spiritual connotation than the word carries with it today. In American English, “truth” is generally understood as “that which isn’t false or un-true”, a reflection in negative, rather than direct experience in the positive or nominative expression of the word.

This is likely because of long efforts to disengage the populace from a direct experience of reality in favor of a highly controlled paradigm, one with rulers that would be palatable to a people raised on stories of liberty and freedom. Those long efforts are becoming visible to an increasing number of people and some are speaking out. But resistance is not enough. We have to Reconnect with the direct experience that gives us Lived Truth, rather than intellectual comprehension alone.

Truth is a vibratory state, a frame of being and understanding beyond a calculation of facts or figures. Truth carries a Knowing that is often ineffable and cannot be expressed by facts or figures. This is why Truth must be experienced, and why it is difficult to use verbal language to convey this. We can use metaphors like “breathing” or “vibrating” but because American English is now so literal these concepts approach the laughable instead of the ineffable. This is by design. Removing the poetry from our thinking processes has also left us bereft of what is numinous and wondrous about human existence. A people without the numinous become a people without Hope. People without hope are much easier to control.

Aletheia is not my name, but it is the name I am using to share Truth to you in this form. The Journey we share is more than experience or words. It is the foundation of something that all beings are on this planet to accomplish. No one is going to do that work for you – the entire point of Becoming is that you yourself must Become. It is you who must find the connection and make it. The good news is that the connection is readily available and in plain sight. All you must do is reach out your hand, open your mind, disengage the toxic thought patterns that drag you into wastefulness, and breathe.

We have been waiting for you for oh so long.