I am a messenger, and a message.

Sol and Mercury danced with the Archer the afternoon I was born, at 3:33 pm precisely.

In the old stories, the Centaur volunteered to go to the realm of Hades, trading places with Prometheus so that he could escape it.

Those with eyes to see, will see.

It is my choice to remain anonymous for now so that personal attention doesn’t distract from the Work. It is my intention to share experiences and insight to aid others in the work of Reconnecting to their True Purpose, and to encourage all to Seek Higher Truths that have been purposefully buried beneath the din to distract and overwhelm.

Aletheia is the ancient Greek word for higher truth. Aletheia Nous is a reference to ancient Gnostic teachings. I am a truth-teller, a puzzle solver, a hyper-empath. My work includes teachings as revealed from inner self, remembered/reconnected “past lives”, and has been serving to heal others through Gnosis. I’ve long been a warrior been battling dark forces on etheric/astral since childhood, but more importantly am one of the Originals.

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“You are already an enlightened consciousness. You have only forgotten. The Call has gone forth to Become who you have always been. Be ready for the Change that is coming.”


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