Sometimes the guidance we seek or pray for is missed. There are many possible reasons for this, including our programmed tendencies to self-blame. Part of receiving guidance includes learning to trust the timing  not only of its arrival, but of our “putting the pieces together.”

A most beautiful alignment occurred these past few weeks in the coming together of many threads of discussions and contemplations, past and present. The guidance sought was not being missed at all – it was beautifully Present. My “putting it together” was part of the process – we each and collectively are the weaver, and the cloth woven.

Because it is so gentle and open….open in a way to ensure that we are always acting according to our freewill/individual sovereignty…we sometimes miss that help we have asked for by not recognizing it for what it is. I am nearing the end of a cycle where I am ridding myself of old paradigm “spiritual” programming that was necessarily heavy-handed energetically. The new paradigm is one where we can use a much lighter touch, and we can give ourselves over to receiving rather than having to work so hard to achieve what we used to think of as spiritual goals.

What a relief! Isn’t it?

One of the tasks that I chose to undertake this lifetime is the reason for the title of this post. “Alchemy” is a word with a lot of mystical and sometimes dark baggage. Of course we only have to carry what we elect to pick up and take with us. A good reminder.

My past has afforded considerable experience with the dark side of things – through familial connections, cabal manipulations, and interference from those who did and did not intend well toward me. I have had more than an average share of dark baggage, and a lot of pain on every level.

These things can be shifted not by straining muscles or spending hours in deep meditation, but through the simplest of methods. I realized over the last couple of weeks that every time I touch or recall something of a lower vibration, that just my holding it in my field and turning my own vibration higher was an act of transmutation. It is not a strain or effort, but an act of choice. All of the dark and difficult things that I have lived through can be changed through this alchemy.

This will seem simplistic and ineffectual if one’s focus remains primarily in third density, because in that density, only physical action has permanent impact. But in the higher densities, this action changes everything.

It is a far more powerful thing than we realize, because we are tricked into believing that such acts have no purpose or meaning. This is a crucial understanding that I desire to convey to you as simply as possible – our thoughts and feelings have such incredible value, and every time we engage them in a higher vibrational state, we are become alchemists in truth.

May your efforts bear beautiful fruit!



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