We Are Free

In the current but diminishing paradigm, there yet remain many and complex layers and machinations designed to distract or block our access to our own sovereignty, to hide the reality of our existence on this world. These mechanisms are so tangled and dimensioned that we could spend many lifetimes trying to understand them, and some of us have. The good news is that you don’t need to understand them to be free of them.

This is the secret the negatives don’t want you to figure out—you don’t need to understand any of it to escape the dark matrix. It might seem obvious, but there are no shortage of programs that work to keep you engaged with them, spending time and energy trying to get free.

One of these is an insidious corruption of our natural vibration of integrity and sense of obligation to community. It manifests in a number of ways, but let us consider the way this corruption can be seen in the differences observed when you look at how the negatives view contracts versus how the positives see them. To the positives, a contract is an agreement between two parties that is entered into with full understanding and awareness, with no hidden agendas or machiavellian twists. In such an agreement, there is full partnership and full trust. There is no fear or even possibility of betrayal.

The dark sees a contract as an unequal partnership engaged in through trickery, but one which once you sign on the dotted line, is as irrevocable as a bill of sale. However, in this transaction, the commodity isn’t land or a car—it’s you.

When you use contract nullifying meditations and statements like these, you will feel the resistance of the dark seeking to prevent it. There will be an assertion of their purported ownership over you, that you do not have the right to escape their designs because you “agreed” to them when you watched that TV program, or that horror movie, or that pornographic film. They will use shame, fear, anger, loss, despair. You find your energy sinking and your field feels like a ball of sludge sinking to the bottom of a very deep ocean.

It is all an illusion, but one that can feel very real. There is no easy way to rise up from those feelings—it can be a very difficult process but I promise you that even the first step taken to leave behind that darkness you will find an even deeper well of help ready for you whenever you ask for it. All it takes is a little bit of faith.

Faith, too, has had its unfortunate day in the Halls of Corruption. This word has been co-opted by the negatives in their twisted labyrinths of fundamentalism, and is not faith at all but another form of compliance, submission and ultimately subjugation. Sometimes the best way to engage these words is to step back from all the cultural conceptions and look at their essence. Once you wash away the sludge you will find that it is a simple and beautiful vibration as clean and clear as a wild violet on a green hillside.

Like the scent of a violet, these concepts can seem elusive to us in the beginning. As we return again to experience them, they become easier to access and we continue to grow in our capacity.

How would a positive, light-oriented individual experience a contractual relationship? As noted above, it would be completely transparent, fully mutual, and wholly equitable in every way. There would be no attempt to by one party to take advantage of the other. Indeed, if one party were struggling to fulfill their obligations, the other party would reach out to assist them, perhaps renegotiating the contract. Such partnerships are always beneficial and work toward the good of all involved.

It is a good idea, then, for those on a path of spiritual growth to end all contracts, known and unknown, with any negative-oriented beings. This includes all contracts that might have been undertaken prior to incarnating, as well as ones we might have entered into before waking up during this current life. We can also release ourselves from the fallacies of karma, which is another system of oppression. Keep in mind that the so-called archons (parasites) refer to themselves as “Lords of Karma”. This is somewhat controversial and has become another issue by which some in the community find themselves in “camps”, artificial divides which some cling to out of a feeling of obligation to belief systems. Always keep in mind that there is no reason one cannot contain all belief systems in oneself, and if you are unsure how this can be so, consider that you may have friends who are Christian and friends who are Muslim, or Hindu, or Atheist, and can converse with any of them easily. Do you not already contain all of that information within? So it is with “belief systems”.

Consider that perhaps you only have “karma” as long as you agree to it. See how that feels to you and what it would mean.

The following is a powerful exercise which I encourage anyone who seeks freedom from the negatives to meditate upon and consider using. It is a Declaration of Freedom written by COBRA that many have found to be very helpful and effective.

“In the name of I am that I am, I, [YOUR FULL NAME], in the name of divine soul presence that I am, in the name of all ascended beings of light, in the name of the Galactic Confederation, in the name of the Galactic center, I decree and command to cancel and nullify all my past, present and future contracts and agreements made between any part of my being and the dark forces. All these contracts and agreements and all their consequences are now completely erased from my reality. I am now free; all the karma of my whole being is now erased as well.

“I am a free sovereign being of light, from now until eternity.

“So be it, and so it is.”

Try using this Declaration in a meditative space, and sit with it for a while. Watch how it interacts in your field. Allow that sense of freedom to spread beyond your personal bounds and out into the wider world. Imagine it seeping into the ground, flowing with the water, flying through the air. Imagine a World that is truly and completely Free, ushering in the New Paradigm of freedom and abundance for all beings.



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